Volume 5 (OPA 7)

Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 5 (OPA 7)


200 pages

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The Getty Museum houses an exceptional collection of ancient painted vases. This volume, the fifth in the Occasional Papers on Antiquities subseries on Greek vases, follows the direction taken by preceding volumes by introducing previously unpublished information about the works. Most importantly for scholars and students of vase-painting, these volumes provide additional access to the works through extensive illustrations, descriptions, and reconstructions.

Table of Contents

  • Bellerophon and the Chimaira on a Lakonian Cup by the Boreads Painter
    Conrad M. Stibbe
  • Six’s Technique at the Getty
    Janet Burnett Grossman
  • A New Representation of a City on an Attic Red-figured Kylix
    William A. P. Childs
  • Onesimos and the Getty Iliupersis
    Dyfri Williams
  • A Cup for a Hero
    Diana Buitron-Oliver
  • A Fragmentary Phiale by Douris
    Martin Robertson
  • The Greek Pentathlon
    Gene Waddell
  • A Dinoid Volute-Krater by the Meleager Painter: An Attic Vase in the South Italian Manner
    Lucilla Burn
  • Satyr- und Mänadennamen auf Vasenbildern des Getty-Museums mit Addenda zu Ch. Fränkel, Satyr- und Bakchennamen auf Vasenbildern (1912)
    Anneliese Kossatz-Dießmann