Papers on the Amasis Painter and His World

Martin Robertson, Andrew F. Stewart, Walter Burkert, John Griffiths Pedley, Brunilde S. Ridgway, Albert Henrichs, Alan W. Johnston, John Boardman, Mary B. Moore, Joan R. Mertens, Dietrich von Bothmer


208 pages

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In connection with the Los Angeles opening of the exhibition The Amasis Painter and His World, a colloquium and symposium were held at the Getty Museum between February 28 and March 2, 1986. An international panel of scholars presented papers on various aspects of Greek vase-painting; these papers are collected as fully annotated essays in the companion volume to the exhibition catalogue. They include an essay by Dietrich von Bothmer concerning the connoisseurship of Greek vases; an examination by Martin Robertson of the status of Attic vase-painting in the mid-sixth century; John Boardman’s discussion of Amasis and the implications of his name; Walter Burkert's presentation on Homer in the second half of the sixth century; and a paper by Albert Henrichs on representations of Dionysos in sixth-century Attic vase-painting.

Table of Contents

  • Director's Foreword
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • The State of Attic Vase-Painting in the Mid-Sixth Century
    Martin Robertson
  • Narrative, Genre, and Realism in the Work of the Amasis Painter
    Andrew F. Stewart
  • The Making of Homer in the Sixth Century B.C.: Rhapsodes versus Stesichoros
    Walter Burkert
  • Reflections of Architecture in Sixth-Century Attic Vase-Painting
    John Griffiths Pedley
  • Sculptor and Painter in Archaic Athens
    Brunilde S. Ridgway
  • Myth Visualized: Dionysos and His Circle in Sixth-Century Attic Vase-Paintings
    Albert Henrichs
  • Amasis and the Vase Trade
    Alan W. Johnston
  • Amasis: The Implications of His Name
    John Boardman
  • The Amasis Painter and Exekias: Approaches to Narrative
    Mary B. Moore
  • The Amasis Painter: Artist and Tradition
    Joan R. Mertens
  • Greek Vase-Paintings: Two Hundred Years of Connoisseurship
    Dietrich von Bothmer
  • Index