Catalogue of the Collections


Roman Funerary Sculpture: Catalogue of the Collections

Guntram Koch


144 pages

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During the Roman Empire lavish marble monuments to the dead were erected to decorate tombs and cemeteries. A group of these memorials, often so opulent that they required considerable economic sacrifice from the families who commissioned them, is catalogued in this volume.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    John Walsh
  • Preface
    Guntram Koch
  • Abbreviations
  • I. Cinerary Urns, Kline Monument, and Sarcophagi
    • Rome And Environs
      • Early Imperial Period
      • Hadrianic/Early Antonine Periods
      • Middle Antonine Period
      • Late Antonine Period
      • Middle Severan Period
      • Late Severan/Gallienic Periods
      • Tetarchic Period
    • Athens
    • Asia Minor
  • II. Grave Reliefs and Tomb Altars
    • Rome
    • Greece
    • Byzantium and Asia Minor
    • Syria
    • Egypt
  • III. Grave Statues
    • Rome
    • Asia Minor
    • Syria
  • IV. Forgeries
  • Concordance