Volume 1 (OPA 4)

Ancient Portraits in the J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 1 (OPA 4)


142 pages

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This first volume in the Occasional Papers on Antiquities subseries on ancient portraits presents a detailed examination and analysis by Sheldon Nodelman of a portrait of Brutus. Flemming Johansen reviews marble busts of Julius Caesar and, in a second article, discusses portraits of Caligula. Other contributions include Susan Wood’s analysis of third-century portraits of child emperors and Siri Sande’s essay on two Gallienic female portraits.

Table of Contents

  • Non traditus vultus: Bildnis eines griechischen Philosophen im Getty Museum
    Joachim Raeder
  • The Portraits in Marble of Gaius Julius Caesar: A Review
    Flemming S. Johansen
  • The Portrait of Brutus the Tyrannicide
    Sheldon Nodelman
  • The Sculpted Portraits of Caligula
    Flemming S. Johansen
  • Ein antoninischer Frauenkopf aus Palmyra in Malibu
    Klaus Parlasca
  • Child-Emperors and Heirs to Power in Third-Century Portraiture
    Susan Wood
  • Two Female Portraits from the Early Gallienic Period
    Siri Sande