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Getty Research Journal

Number 19 • 2024

Published by the Getty Research Institute

  • Doris Chon, Executive Editor

  • Lauren Gendler, Managing Editor

Getty Research Journal Editorial Board
Scott Allan, LeRonn Brooks, Maristella Casciato, Anne‑Lise Desmas, Tom Learner, Mary E. Miller, Rebecca Peabody, Andrew Perchuk, Richard Rand, David Saunders, Alexa Sekyra, and Naoko Takahatake

  • Elizabeth Asborno, Lauren Gendler, Jonathan Smit, Annalisa Zox‑Weaver, Manuscript Editors

  • Joseph Tumolo, Editorial Assistant

  • Michelle Deemer, Production

  • Jeffrey Cohen, Cover Design

  • Greg Albers, Digital Manager

  • Erin Cecele Dunigan, Kate Justement, Digital Assistants

The Getty Research Journal presents peer-reviewed articles on the visual arts of all cultures, regions, and time periods. Topics often relate to Getty collections, initiatives, and broad research interests. The journal welcomes a diversity of perspectives and methodological approaches, and seeks to include work that expands narratives on global culture.

ISSN: 1944-8740
E-ISSN: 2329-1249