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Augmented Reality of the Augsburg Display Cabinet

The Getty Museum's 17th-century display cabinet from Augsburg, Germany, is a type of furniture often called a "cabinet of curiosities" because of its compartments designed to contain collectible objects.

Imagine holding this large tabletop cabinet in your hands. Here, you can get a sense of the furniture's multifaceted structure by using augmented reality technology to virtually spin, tilt, and open it.

Getting Started
You need a printed marker and a computer with a webcam. Follow the instructions below, or watch the video above.

1. Download the marker and print it.
2. Make sure you are in an area with bright, even lighting.
3. Turn on your computer's webcam and turn off any pop-up blockers.
4. Select "cabinet" or "transparent model" below.
5. When prompted, click "allow" to permit use of your computer's webcam.
6. Hold the sheet of paper so that the marker faces your computer.
7. Position the marker so that the webcam recognizes it.
8. Rotate the marker to view the cabinets sides; tilt forward and backward to see its top and bottom

Launch cabinet experience.

Launch transparent model experience.

See How it Works
Don't have a webcam? Or just curious to see how the augmented reality works? Watch the demo at the top of this page.