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November 14, 2006–March 4, 2007 at the Getty Center

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between November 7, 2006 and March 6, 2007. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.


Posted on 3/6/07 by W Bailey, Indiana
Thank you to the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Monastery of Saint Catherine for making the video and the book available to those of us who were not able to travel to the West Coast. I have learned a lot and greatly benefited from the exhibit even without actually seeing it.

Posted on 3/6/07 by Erika Namaka, RI
I too wish this had made it to the East Coast! I did have an opportunity to hear Father Justin speak at Yale the day before he talked at the Getty, which was great! But I do wish I could have been in the presence of such wonderful sacred objects as well...

Posted on 3/5/07 by John Borgatti, Long Beach, CA
I came to see this exhibit three times. I am so sorry "they" had to leave us, but so grateful that I had the opportunity to see these objects which, to me, were alive. Thank you Getty and thank you to the monks of the monastery of Saint Catherine's Monastery for the experience.

Posted on 3/5/07 by Patricia, Pennsylvania
Thank you for this beautiful site exhibit. God willing, I will see the icons later this month when I make my personal pilgrimage to Saint Catherine's.

Posted on 3/4/07 by chris cain, old chatham, ny
An inspiring experience. I have read and studied the icons. To see the actual holy piece was a spirital experience. I am very interested in the video about Saint Catherine's Monastery. Is it available? Can it be copied from the Web site or purchased?

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, all of the DVDs of the video have been given away. The video will remain on this Web site, so return here to see it as often as you like.

Posted on 3/3/07 by Susan Gordon, Omaha, Nebraska
I am so fortunate to have seen the icons from Sinai. I had studied them in books, but to have seen them for real with my own eyes was an awe-inspiring, majestic experience in my life. Thank you, Getty.

Posted on 3/3/07 by Liz Cervantes, Bakersfield
I visited the exhibition with my aunt who is visiting from Ireland. We both found the exhibit to be artistically fulfilling as well as deeply spiritually moving. It will be a treasured memory for us both. Thank you for making this possible.

Posted on 3/2/07 by Rita Trudell, Orange, CA
Having this video excursion was a marvelous preparation for the truly Divine experience among the icons of Saint Catherine's Monastery, Sinai. Appreciation to the Getty Museum and Praise be to God for the clear air and breathtaking view of snow-capped Sierra Madres and Mt. San Jacinto. Truly Divine answer to our common prayer for peace in our times.

Posted on 3/1/07 by Mark Kinan, Pittsburgh, PA
As an Orthodox iconographer, my aunt and uncle in Orange County, California flew me out to L.A. to see the icon exhibit, as this truly was a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit. I was literally brought to tears to see these icons which survived the iconoclasm movement, and I was sincerely humbled to be able to pray in front of the very same icon that generations of Christians have done before me. Of particular interest was that people of all religions, colors and languages were at that crowded show, interested in the icons at all levels.

I wish to give my most true thanks to the curators of the Getty for bringing such a blessed exhibit to the people of America. May God bless you and keep you in His care.

Posted on 2/28/07 by Jerry Takis, Plymouth, MI
Not making it to the exhibit in the several months it was here is killing me!!! I wish it were coming to the East Coast sometime soon. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Thank you for brining the exhibit from Sinai for all the Christian faithful!

Posted on 2/27/07 by Rod June, Seal Beach, CA
As an Orthodox Christian, I was deeply moved by these ancient icons. I had to restrain myself from prostrating in front of these icons so as not to cause a disturbance to the other museum patrons. Rather, I stood in loving prayer and silence, and was moved to tears of joy.

Posted on 2/27/07 by Stuart and Janice Downs, San Diego
We drove up Sunday from San Diego. The Sinai icons were simply extraordinary!
Excellent tour with one of your guides. Very well organized to handle large crowds.

Posted on 2/26/07 by Constance Demmas, Nashville, TN.
Spent 3 wonderful days with you to see the exibit....I have wanted to visit Saint Catherine's Monastery since viewing a video my parents purchased there some 20 years ago. I knew your exhibit was my closest opportunity. I was not dissapointed. Your museum is so beautiful, too...allowing one to take in the icons....then come out to the Getty Museum architecture and views, have some lovely food for a reasonable price...or a lovely walk to the garden with a coffee....then more, more, more of the Saint Catherine's exibit. Thank you one and all. The experience will remain with me always.

Posted on 2/26/07 by Michael N. Escobar, Koreatown
This is a marvelous exhibit! I was amazed to hear that the works from this famous monastery would be brought here to L.A. for us to enjoy. The exhibition is truly well designed, showing respect to the works and tastefully arranged. The selection is wonderful. I only wish there were more. This is truly a landmark event at just the right time.

Posted on 2/25/07 by Ali, Claremont, CA
This has been the most beautiful exhibition I have ever seen—from the extremely suggestive arrangement of the icons in the museum, making it feel like the Saint Catherine's Monastery, to the the diverse schedule of events around the exhibition. Wonderful job, Getty Museum staff, for creating such a divine experience.

Posted on 2/24/07 by Mark Dwyer, Los Angeles
Thank you for making so much material related to the exhibit available online. The design and content of the Web pages are first-rate.

Posted on 2/24/07 by H, Chicago
I wish that this exhibition was traveling to the Art Institute or the Oriental Institute in Chicago, so I could view it over and over again.

Posted on 2/23/07 by Anita Chala, Malibu, Ca.
Words cannot describe the emotions one feels while viewing this incredible exhibit. We are all grateful to the Getty and Saint Catherine's Monastery for bringing these beautiful icons, so that they may be seen and appreciated by all of us. Thank YOU!!!!

Posted on 2/22/07 by Timothy Crowley, Morro Bay, CA
While in town last December I decided to take my family to the Getty for some culture, but I didn't expect this. The icons from Saint Catherine's have been a real presence in my life ever since and have helped rekindle my Catholic faith. I am going to do my best to make it back down for one more visit before the exhibit closes.

Posted on 2/22/07 by chuck manning, surprise az.
Made the trip from Arizona just to see the icons and I was not disappointed.

Posted on 2/22/07 by Roberto Lionello, San Diego
I visited it on Saturday. Thank you for a wonderful exhibition! With modernism rampant everywhere it's uplifting to contemplate art made as a form of prayer.