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March 6–June 23, 2008 at the Getty Villa

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between March 31, 2008 and May 30, 2008. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.

Posted on 05/30/08 by S. T. Ferrer-Vinent, Colorado
As a librarian, I was very disappointed that there was no Search feature, such as searching for a particular artist.

Posted on 05/28/08 by Giovanni, New Hampshire
I was impressed with the thesis for the exhibition, and the work in The Color of Life provoked me to think about the life of color in polychromy. I am relieved to see that the Getty is highlighting ancient art practices that persist in contemporary society. Buona giornata!

Posted on 04/15/08 by L. Howard, Inglewood, CA
Absolutely stunning...many thanks to the curators, and all that work so hard to make these exhibits possible. Again, thank you!!!

Posted on 03/31/08 by V. Reeves, Los Angeles, CA
A fascinating exhibit! First and foremost, it brings the art, and the subjects, to life. We can relate to them so much more as real, living individuals. The head of Caligula, for example—the plain marble is interesting in the abstract. The colored versions encourage us to muse on/think about the actual person. I was so taken by various examples within the exhibit that I found myself wishing that "before and after" examples could be created for many of our greatest works, worldwide.

My only dissatisfaction is one which I find with nearly all the special exhibits at both the Villa and Getty Center. The free leaflets contain very few photos and little information, and the book catalogues, even in softcover, are prohibitively expensive for most people. Can't the museum come up with something in between in level of detail and cost? It seems to me this used to be more prevalent in the bookstores.

We can't take photos of the temporary exhibits, there are few or no postcards from them, and the catalogues range from $50 to almost $100, depending on the exhibit. I personally would be quite willing to pay $10, $15, $20 or even perhaps $25 for something in between.