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March 15–June 8, 2008 at the Getty Center

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between March 13, 2008 and June 8, 2008. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.

Posted on 05/30/08 by R. Levine, Boston, MA
I am so excited! I have waited a long time to see some of these videos. I studied mixed media and multimedia at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. Some of these videos are extremely rare and I have never seen but only heard about, such as the Allan Kaprow video. Most of these videos are extremely important to see in order to understand the history of art, performance, and video. By viewing these videos one can understand the artist's obsession with the body, as well as a new preoccupation with conceptual art philosophy. Thank you so much.

Posted on 05/26/08 by J. Boe, Thousand Oaks, CA
I loved it in all its bizarreness. It's wonderful to know that people are thinking of such things. Cynthia Maughan, Chris Burden, Suzanne Lacy were especially memorable. Thanks for letting all of us in on this. It inspires me to allow my mind to go in these directions.

Posted on 05/06/08 by Stefano Sburlati, Torino, Italy
Di rientro da Los Angeles segnalo una mostra estremamente interessante, anche se un po' fuori mano... California...Read the entire blog post.

Posted on 05/04/08 by William Franco, New Zealand and USA
Where is the list of artists that are in the show?

Editor's Note: Click on the "Exhibition" tab, above. Then click on the button to "watch" the videos, which will launch our online exhibition. Choose "Browse by Artist" to see all the artists in the show listed alphabetically.

Posted on 04/30/08 by Chris, Redondo Beach, CA
First time visit to Getty. Video exhibit was unexpectedly whimsical, deep, and hilarious at the same time! Two thumbs up. Fav's: Dressed Up [Dressing Up by Susan Mogul, 1973] and the 30min one on Business [What Is Business? by Ilene Segalove, 1982]. Just go, keep an open mind, watch the videos, and promise you'll be INSPIRED!!

Posted on 04/19/08 by Brian D., Long Beach, CA
I haven't seen the exhibit, but from the website this is a very poor attempt at representing California's video artists. People commonly called VJs or video jockeys (not the MTV ones) have built an industry of creating and performing video art. They are completely absent in this exhibit. They are the true purveyors of video art, following the footsteps of luminaries like Nam June Paik. The visuals of the legendary acid parties thrown by the Mary Pranksters at venues like the Filmore are early examples of VJing. I think you are a bit out of touch.

Posted on 04/09/08 by A. Alise, Pomona, CA
I absolutely LOVED this exhibit! I've been to the Getty numerous times, and as much as I love viewing the permanent collection, it was nice to see a more avant-garde exhibit. It evoked so many different emotions in everyone I was observing; some were inspired and some were slightly put off (as was I at some points.). But it is a beautiful exhibit and I plan to return to it a few more times before it leaves the Getty. Thank you!

Posted on 03/30/08 by Christopher, west hollywood
I haven't seen the exhibition yet. There are certain pieces I would like to view, but your Web site is confusing, and I can't find any specific screening times of each piece. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Editor's Note: Come to the Getty Center any time during opening hours to see the videos. All of the videos in the exhibition are screened continuously within the exhibition. Additional videos by each artist are also available in the exhibition on an in-gallery kiosk.

Posted on 03/17/08 by Elayne Zalis (former video archivist at LBMA), Pasadena, CA
For my reflections on the opening, please see my blog post, Transforming California Video: A Change of Address.

Posted 03/13/08 by Craig Martin Allen, soon to be in L.A.
I think that it is incredible that a museum has dedicated so much space and interest into visual art forms. I really hope that this will continue for a very long time as it is one of the most under-rated & fascinating art forms and allows for much deeper meaning than other 2-D art.