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26.   Hierarchy of Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500227740] (Corporate Bodies)
27.   Hierarchy of Aflalo, Marcelo Aflalo, Marcelo
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264725] (Persons, Artists)
Marcelo Aflalo
28.   Hierarchy of Aflalo, Marta Rodés Aflalo, Marta Rodés
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500264726] (Persons, Artists)
Marta Rodés Aflalo
29.   Hierarchy of Aflalo, Roberto Aflalo, Roberto
(Brazilian architect, 1926-1992) [500061208] (Persons, Artists)
Roberto Aflalo
30.   Hierarchy of AF & T Associados AF & T Associados
(Brazilian architectural firm, contemporary) [500288521] (Corporate Bodies)
AF and T Associados
31.   Hierarchy of Agostinelli, Mario Agostinelli, Mario
(Peruvian-Brazilian-American sculptor, painter, born 1923) [500192011] (Persons, Artists)
Mario Agostinelli
32.   Hierarchy of Agostini, Angelo Agostini, Angelo
(Italian painter and illustrator, 1843-1910) [500118118] (Persons, Artists)
Angelo Agostini
33.   Hierarchy of Aguiar, Marcos Aguiar, Marcos
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500289956] (Persons, Artists)
Marcos Aguiar
34.   Hierarchy of Águila, Rafael del Águila, Rafael del
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500277386] (Persons, Artists)
Del Águila, Rafael
Rafael del Águila
35.   Hierarchy of Aguilar, José Roberto Aguilar, José Roberto
(Brazilian painter and printmaker, born 1941) [500080121] (Persons, Artists)
José Roberto Aguilar
36.   Hierarchy of A. I. A., Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados A. I. A., Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500244781] (Corporate Bodies)
AIA, Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados
Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados
Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados A. I. A.
37.   Hierarchy of AIC Arquitetura AIC Arquitetura
(Brazilian firm, contemporary) [500259430] (Corporate Bodies)
38.   Hierarchy of Aïnouz, Karim Aïnouz, Karim
(Brazilian artist and filmmaker, born 1966) [500114757] (Persons, Artists)
Karim Aïnouz
39.   Hierarchy of Akemi Doukan, Débora Akemi Doukan, Débora
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500291004] (Persons, Artists)
Débora Akemi Doukan
Doukan, Débora Akemi
40.   Hierarchy of Albanesi, Arnaldo Albanesi, Arnaldo
(Brazilian architect, active late 20th century) [500107670] (Persons, Artists)
Arnaldo Albanesi
41.   Hierarchy of Albernaz, Anna Carolina Albernaz, Anna Carolina
(Brazilian graphic artist and illustrator, born 1943) [500372373] (Persons, Artists)
Anna Carolina Albernaz
42.   Hierarchy of Albuquerque, Chico Albuquerque, Chico
(Brazilian photographer, 1917-2000) [500338606] (Persons, Artists)
Albuquerque, Francisco A.
Chico Albuquerque
43.   Hierarchy of Albuquerque, Georgina de Albuquerque, Georgina de
(Brazilian painter, 1885-1962) [500087936] (Persons, Artists)
Georgina de Albuquerque
Georgina de Moura Andrade Albuquerque
44.   Hierarchy of Albuquerque, Karla Albuquerque, Karla
(Brazilian architect, contemporary) [500284192] (Persons, Artists)
Karla Albuquerque
45.   Hierarchy of Albuquerque, Lucilío de Albuquerque, Lucilío de
(Brazilian painter, 1877-1939) [500078783] (Persons, Artists)
Albuquerque, Lucílio de
De Albuquerque, Lucílio
Lucilío de Albuquerque
46.   Hierarchy of Alcântara, Araquém Alcântara, Araquém
(Brazilian photographer, born 1951 ) [500356520] (Persons, Artists)
Araquém Alcântara
Araquém Alcântara Pereira
Pereira, Araquém Alcântara
47.   Hierarchy of Alegria, Ana Alegria, Ana
(Brazilian painter, sculptor, and graphic artist, born 1947) [500386197] (Persons, Artists)
Alegria, Ana Luiza Tostes
Ana Alegria
48.   Hierarchy of Aleijadinho, O Aleijadinho, O
(Brazilian sculptor and architect, ca. 1738-1814) [500069456] (Persons, Artists)
António Francisco Lisboa
Antônio Francisco Lisboa
Antonio Francisco Lisboa
Costa Lisboa, Antônio Francisco da
Da Costa Lisboa, Antônio Francisco
Lisboa, António Francisco
Lisboa, Antônio Francisco
Lisboa, Antonio Francisco
Lisboa, Antônio Francisco da Costa
O Aleijadinho
49.   Hierarchy of Alexandrino, Pedro Alexandrino, Pedro
(Brazilian painter, decorator, and designer, 1856-1942) [500338906] (Persons, Artists)
Borges, Pedro Alexandrino
Pedro Alexandrino
50.   Hierarchy of Alexsander, Cleber Alexsander, Cleber
(Brazillian painter and engraver, born 1981) [500371895] (Persons, Artists)
Cleber Alexsander
Nunes, Cleber Alexsander Pereira
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