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ID: 7032990
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Record Type: administrative
Hierarchy of Atlit-Yam (deserted settlement)  Atlit-Yam (deserted settlement)

Lat: 32 42 38 N  degrees minutes   Lat: 32.7100  decimal degrees
Long: 034 56 06 E  degrees minutes   Long: 34.9340  decimal degrees

Note: Pre-pottery Neolithic settlement dating to as early as 6900 BCE, and covering more than 15 acres of the seafloor just off Israeli coast, six miles south of Haifa. Noted for remains of rectangular houses and several pits, most likely used as wells; remains of a probable levee indicate increased control over and exploitation of water systems in the Neolithic. A set of seven upright stones discovered around what used to be a freshwater spring may also indicate worship of water sources. In situ burials, with 15 full skeletons, some showing evidence of tuberculosis. Most remains were found either in or near to a dwelling, which may indicate the people practiced some form of ancestor worship. Early evidence of religion, domestication, and fishing make Atlit-Yam a key site in understanding the transition in the Neolithic period toward more complex systems of subsistence.

Atlit-Yam (preferred,C,V,S)

Hierarchical Position:
Hierarchy of World (facet)    World (facet)
Hierarchy of Asia (continent)  ....  Asia (continent) (P)
Hierarchy of Israel (nation)  ........  Israel (nation) (P)
Hierarchy of Haifa (national district)  ............  Haifa (national district) (P)
Hierarchy of Atlit-Yam (deserted settlement)  ................  Atlit-Yam (deserted settlement) (P)

Place Types:
deserted settlement (preferred, C)  ............  settled 6,900 BCE
archaeological site (C)  ............  led by archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, working at a depth of 26 to 40 feet
underwater site (C)
inhabited place (H)
Neolithic (H)
Ancient Middle Eastern (H)

Sources and Contributors:
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Subject: .....  [VP]
English .......... [VP]
..........  Archaeology Magazine [online] (2000-) accessed 27 October 2009


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