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Commodus: Ancient or Modern? (lecture)

Date: Sunday, April 30
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Location: Getty Center, Harold M. Williams Auditorium
Admission: Free; reservations required.

Since its acquisition by the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1992, the Bust of Commodus (right) has puzzled art historians the world over. Experts agree on the work's outstanding quality, but disagree on its date: was it made around the time of Emperor Commodus himself in the second century A.D., or does it actually date from as late as the 1700s?

Learn how the experts solve such riddles of art history from professor Miranda Marvin, who will explore this beautiful sculpture and review the evidence both for and against its ancient origin.

About Miranda Marvin
Miranda Marvin is professor of art and classics and director of the interdepartmental program in classical and Near Eastern archaeology at Wellesley College. An expert on Roman art and architecture, Marvin has questioned whether modern concepts of "originality" are relevant to ancient art.

Bust of Commodus / Unknown

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The Getty Center is located at 1200 Getty Center Drive in Los Angeles, California, approximately 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. See Hours, Directions, Parking for directions and parking information.