The Getty Research Institute is committed to fostering innovative art-historical research and scholarship through the use of tools and practices associated with digital art history. The Digital Art History program leads this effort by supporting the production of digital publications; strategizing how digital tools can be used to facilitate collections processing and dissemination; and by integrating digital technologies in the Institute's research projects, both as tools of analysis and as project outcomes. Additionally, the program seeks to encourage the adoption of digital art history methods, practices, tools, and outcomes in the broader field of art history and cultural heritage.

Getty Scholars' Workspace
An online environment designed to support collaborative art-historical research.

Digital Art History Bibliography
The bibliography of the Research Institute's Digital Art History program is the most comprehensive collection of digital art history resources on the Internet. The standalone version of Zotero is recommended for viewing.

Getty Provenance Index Remodel Project
A complete conceptual and technical overhaul of the Getty Provenance Index® databases in order to provide greater access and to increase the Index's use as a leading tool for research.