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The fabled Porcelain Tower in Nanjing, China. From Gemelli Careri, Giovanni Francesco, Giro del Mondo (Naples, 1699–1700), vol. 4. Getty Research Institute, 2698-167


  Rachel Rosenthal in costume for the performance Taboo Subjects, early 1980s. Rachel Rosenthal Archive, Getty Research Institute. Photo: Patrick Downes

Rachel Rosenthal Archive

Always at the center of the zeitgeist, performance artist, feminist, and environmentalist Rachel Rosenthal (1926–2015) left an indelible mark on Southern California art and on the art of performance theater. The archive covers every phase of her unique career and complements the papers of other pioneers already among our collections, including those of Yvonne Rainer, Barbara T. Smith, and Carolee Schneemann, as well as the recently acquired Woman's Building archive.

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  Sand Dunes in Cape Cod, George Grosz, 1939. Getty Research Institute, Dr. Richard A. Simms collection of prints and drawings by Käthe Kollwitz and other artists, 2016.PR.34

George Grosz Found Calm at the Beach

George Grosz needed the beach, too. These stunning watercolors, painted in 1939 during a summer stay in Cape Cod, testify to a relatively short period of quiet and relaxation in the life of an artist known for his searing political commentary, often rendered as caricatures. Escaping growing nationalism and militarism in Germany, Grosz moved with his family to the United States just a few weeks before the Nazis gained power. The Research Institute has several works by Grosz assembled by Los Angeles–based collector Dr. Richard A. Simms.

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  Two of the 24 members of the all-women SISAN cooperative at the site of Pachacamac, Peru

PODCAST: Sustainably Preserving Cultural Heritage with Larry Coben

Cultural heritage sites around the world are under threat primarily from economic development and poverty far more than from catastrophic events like war and natural disasters. In 2010, archaeologist and current Getty Guest Scholar Larry Coben founded the Sustainable Preservation Initiative (SPI), pioneering an approach that empowers communities living near cultural heritage sites to turn preservation into economic opportunity.

In this episode, Coben discusses his path from lawyer and energy executive to archaeologist, sharing the work that inspired his innovative approach to cultural heritage preservation.

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Symposium Videos: 1519, The Arrival of Strangers

Last year marked the quincentennial of Hernán Cortés's arrival in Mesoamerica, providing an impetus to explore diverging perspectives on the conquest of Mexico and the subsequent transcultural processes that played out in New Spain's artistic production.

The videos here capture 26 conference papers and roundtable discussions over the course of a three-day event that focused on the great cultural, historical, and artistic achievements of Indigenous peoples of New Spain.

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  Larisa Grollemond and David Brafman discuss the relationship between magic, science, and alchemy through medieval and early modern manuscripts and books

You Asked. We Answered!

For the month of May, the online video series #AskGetty allowed our experts to respond to burning questions from the public via social media. See what our very own specialists at the Research Institute and across Getty had to say about art created in times of plague, the blurred line between magic and science in the Middle Ages, why cherubs are always mischievous and male, and more. To participate in the conversation, visit the Getty Facebook page.

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  The fabled Porcelain Tower in Nanjing, China. From Gemelli Careri, Giovanni Francesco, Giro del Mondo (Naples, 1699–1700), vol. 4. Getty Research Institute, 2698-167
Like so many of us right now, our Associate Curator of Rare Books David Brafman longs to travel. To satisfy his curiosity, David looks to Gemelli Careri's 17th-century trip around the world.

Motivated simply by wanderlust, Careri was the first private individual to complete a world tour, or at least the first to claim such in print. His autobiographic account, Giro del Mondo, documents his 1693–1698 journey, which included stops in Naples, Malta, Egypt, Turkey, the Holy Land, Persia, India, Singapore, Borneo, China, the Philippines, Cuba, and Mexico.

The details of Careri's accounts, coupled with ornate engravings of distant lands, is considered to be the inspiration for Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days.

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  Anne Gauldin as the Goddess Diana in the Waitresses performance of Ready to Order?, 1978. Getty Research Institute, 2017.M.45. Photo: Maria Karras

The Waitresses records, 1971–2015

Finding Aid
The Waitresses was one of the first performance art groups to emerge from the Los Angeles Woman's Building. Founded in 1977 by Jerri Allyn and Anne Gauldin, the group used their collective experiences working as waitresses to explore feminist issues such as sex discrimination and wage inequality in the food service industry. Materials in the collection document the performances produced by the group from 1976 to 1985, as well as American Dining: A Working Woman's Movement, a performance produced by Jerri Allyn from 1986 to 1989.

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Online Resources

If you are looking for resources while working or researching from home, these three organizations have you covered!

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) has compiled a number of resources for artists, institutions, arts workers, teachers, and for those seeking arts training, workshops, and webinars. The Environmental Scan, from the Art Information Commons at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, offers a list of resources relevant to research in the fields of art history, cultural heritage, and the humanities. The College Art Association of America (CAA) provides resources for teaching remotely, emergency grants, and more.



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