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The Participation Project: Artists, Communities and
Cultural Citizenship

Timeline (updated 8/98)

Note: Other programming will take place as supportive and complementary components to the Participation Project. These public events will take place in tandem with the processes described in this timeline and are noted in this manner.

mask1.jpg (7054 bytes)I. Phase One:

Planning/Consulting Group Winter - Spring ‘97

Community Arts Consulting Group meets to advise on artist/cultural worker roundtables. This group, comprised of local experts* on community arts/cultural organizing, analyzes the Participation Project proposal and focuses their recommendations on the processes outlined in the proposal.

After an exhaustive process involving the consideration of over forty local groups, they select an arts organization that will partner with another community organization—these two organizations’ collaboration will become the nucleus of the project. The Consulting Group also writes the Project’s mission and overall goals, and recommends guidelines for the process.

*Glenna Avila, Director, CalArts Community Arts Partnership; Tomás Benitez, Self Help Graphics/Writer; Tarabu Betserai Kirkland, Writer/Producer; Glenn Akira Kaino, Artist/Website Designer; Nobuko Miyamoto, Composer/Choreographer/Performer/ Teacher; Howard Spector, Cultural Arts Manager, City of Manhattan Beach/artist; Josephine Ramirez, Getty Research Institute

April 24 Artist Lecture by Rick Lowe, community based artist working in Watts, developing a project with the neighborhood near Watts Towers -- a combination of community redevelopment and community artmaking. Sponsored by the Scholars and Seminars Program at the Getty Research Institute.


June 28 "Art-ocracy" an interactive video performance by Cornerstone Theatre Company plus a screening of the documentary "Chicano Park" at 6:00 in Boyle Heights at the Catholic Charities building. A collaboration between Cornerstone, The Participation Project and the Local Libraries, Local Knowledge Project.


July 17 Slide Lecture and Tertulia with artist Pepón Osorio at Self Help Graphics in East LA in conjunction with Osorio’s exhibition "Badge of Honor" at Otis Gallery. This tertulia (an artist-to-artist/artist-to- community dialogue) will introduce local artists to the Participation Project through a discussion of art and social issues in Osorio’s work.


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