Chalcolithic Cyprus

Kenneth Hamma and James W. Flanagan, Editors


135 pages

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This collection of papers presents the results of a symposium held at the Getty Museum in February 1990. Recent archaeological excavations provide evidence that Cyprus had a great cultural and economic importance during the Bronze Age. The contributors discuss aspects of the Bronze Age as they relate to Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean. Topics include the economy of the period, its basis in the exploitation of metals and stone, Cyprus’s international influence on trade and religion, and evidence of that influence though interpretation of archaeological sites and artifacts.

Table of Contents

  • The Vasilikos Valley and the Chalcolithic Period in Cyprus
    Ian A. Todd
  • Kissonerga-Mosphilia: A Major Chalcolithic Site in Cyprus
    Edgar Peltenburg
  • Metals and Metallurgy in the Chalcolithic Period
    Noll H. Gale
  • Man and Beast in Chalcolithic Cyprus
    Paul Croft
  • The Evolution of the Chalcolithic Painted Style
    Diane L. Bolger
  • Rock Sources of Ground Stone Tools of the Chalcolithic Period in Cyprus
    Carolyn Elliott
  • Local Exchange in Prehistoric Cyprus: An Initial Assessment of Picrolite
    Edgar Peltenburg
  • Picrolite, Its Nature, Provenance, and Possible Distribution Patterns in the Chalcolithic Period of Cyprus
    C. Xenophontos
  • Stone Sculpture in Chalcolithic Cyprus
    Lucia V. Agnetti
  • Pottery Figurines: The Development of a Coroplastic Art in Chalcolithic Cyprus
    Elizabeth Goring
  • A Terracotta Pendant from Kalavassos-Ayious
    V. Karageorghis
  • Anatolian Contacts with Chalcolithic Cyprus
    Machteld J. Mellink