Second Edition

Susan Macdonald and Gail Ostergren; 2013

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The GCI has prepared "Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage: A Bibliography" as a resource for conservation practitioners working with twentieth-century built heritage. This bibliography includes texts of international, national, and regional significance, but does not seek to be fully comprehensive at a global level and generally excludes highly localized guides or product documents. It is organized as a subject bibliography and is structured so that users can easily expand upon it as needed to include specific local references or additional subject categories (such as twentieth-century landscape architecture design). This bibliography is focused on English-language literature pertaining to the conservation of twentieth-century buildings and structures, although some non-English-language texts that contain abstracts in English have been included.

The second edition of Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage (2013) contains over 330 new citations, nearly one quarter of which have been published in the two years since the first edition was released.

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