Erica Avrami, Kathleen Dardes, Marta de la Torre, Samuel Y. Harris, Michael Henry, and Wendy Claire Jessup; 1999

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Evaluación Para la Conservación: Modelo Propuesto Para Evaluar las Necesidades de Control del Entorno Museístico

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The publication is the result of ideas and experience gathered over the course of the eight years since the GCI published, with the National Institute for Conservation (NIC), its precedent The Conservation Assessment: A Tool for Planning, Implementing, and Fundraising. The present version of the Conservation Assessment has drawn on the lessons of this and other earlier models, as well as on the practical experience of colleagues in the museum and architectural fields.

Future versions will be shaped by the experiences of the architects and conservators who take up the present version and apply it to various types of museums. For example, the present version was created to serve museums in regions of the world where mechanized building-wide climate control systems are not a practical option. Therefore, architectural assessors in temperate regions where such systems are frequent may find that the materials do not guide the range of inquiry that they would wish to pursue in assessing a building with mechanized control.

These materials are meant to guide, not prescribe. The user is encouraged to expand the materials where appropriate, or to eliminate portions that may not be relevant to a particular situation.

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Dardes, Kathleen, Erica C. Avrami, Marta De la Torre, Samuel Y. Harris, Michael Henry, and Wendy Claire Jessup. 1999. The Conservation Assessment: A Proposed Model for Evaluating Museum Environmental Management Needs. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.