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A report from an experts meeting organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, March 13-15, 2018

Vincent Laudato Beltran, 2018

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In 2018, a select group of scientists and conservators experienced with the microfading tester met to discuss the current state of the technique and to propose how its practice might be expanded in the cultural heritage field. This publication summarizes the outcomes of this discussion.

Among the topics addressed during the meeting were the technical aspects of MFT, including the range of MFT iterations in use, the conservation field's reliance upon the Blue Wool standards and potential issues arising from this reliance, strategies for collecting and interpreting MFT data, and the ways MFT results facilitate communication about lighting policy with museum staff.

The scientists and conservators gathered placed particular emphasis on development of an MFT community of users. This could be achieved through sharing and access to information via training workshops, guidelines, and online didactic material, in addition to regional networks of MFT expertise created through the identification of MFT users around the world.

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