Conservation and Seismic Strengthening of Byzantine Churches in Macedonia

Predrag Gavrilovic, William S. Ginell,
Veronika Sendova, and Lazar Sumanov

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Between the ninth and fourteenth century, hundreds of architecturally exquisite Byzantine churches were built in the area now known as the Republic of Macedonia. The condition of these buildings has been of ongoing concern because of deterioration and destruction from forces both human and natural, including devastating earthquakes.

This book summarizes the results of a four-year study to develop and test seismic retrofitting techniques for the repair and strengthening of those ancient Byzantine churches still in existence. The volume considers the conservation of historic buildings in seismic zones, surveys the condition of fifty existing Byzantine churches in Macedonia, and details the design, construction, and seismic testing of a half-scale model church. The volume also includes representative experimental and technical data.