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Record Type: Event/Narrative

Story of the Argonauts (Greek narratives)

Note: Narratives surrounding the Argonauts, a band of 50 heroes who went with Jason in the ship Argo to fetch the Golden Fleece. Jason’s uncle Pelias had usurped the throne of Iolcos in Thessaly, which rightfully belonged to Jason’s father, Aeson. The expedition of the Argonauts is mentioned by Homer (Odyssey, Book XII), and the wandering of Odysseus may have been partly founded on it. The lyric poet Pindar (5th century bce) gives an account, but the fullest version is Argonautica, a 3rd-century-bce epic by Apollonius of Rhodes. In the 1st century ad the Latin poet Valerius Flaccus began an epic (incomplete) also called Argonautica. In ancient times the expedition was regarded as a historical fact, an incident in the opening up of the Black Sea to Greek commerce and colonization.

Story of the Argonauts (Greek narratives) (preferred,English-P,D,P)

Hierarchical Position:
Legend, Religion, Mythology (P)
....<Greek iconography> (P)
........<Greek narratives> (P)
............Story of the Argonauts (Greek narratives) (I)
Related Iconography:
actor is .... Argonauts
..........(Legend, Religion, Mythology, Greek iconography, Greek characters, Argonauts (Greek characters)) [901000151]

Other Relationships:
role/characteristic is .... narrative (literary works)
.....(genres for literature, genres in literature and performing arts, concepts in the arts and humanities, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name)) (AAT)
culture/religion is .... Ancient Greek (culture or style)
.....(Aegean periods, Aegean, Mediterranean (Early Western World), Early Western World, styles, periods, and cultures by region, Styles and Periods (hierarchy name)) (AAT)

Story of the Argonauts (Greek narratives)
................Iconclass 2100 Browser (2009-) 94A story of the Argonauts
Iconography Record Sources:
................ Encyclopedia Britannica Online (2002-) "Argonaut," accessed 12 June 2017
................ Iconclass 2100 Browser (2009-) 94A story of the Argonauts

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