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Learning in and through Art

Elliot W. Eisner



What is Discipline-Based Art Education?
What are DBAE's General Characteristics?
What is not DBAE?

Needs Addressed by DBAE
How are the Goals of General Education Met?
How are the Goals of Art Education Met?
How are Societal Goals Met?

The Policy Context
What Opportunities Does Education Reform Provide?
What is the Effect on National Standards?
What Is the Influence of State Frameworks?

Historical Evolution
What Early Rationales Influenced Art Education?
What Were the Precursors?
How Has DBAE Developed in the 1980s and 1990s?

The Disciplines of Art

What is the Role of Art-Making?
How Do the Other Art Disciplines Integrate with Art-Making?
What Issues Can Students Explore in Art-Making?

Art Criticism
What are the Function of Art Criticism?
How Has Art Criticism Evolved as a Field?
What Issues Can Students Focus on in Art Criticism?

Art History
What Contribution Does Art History Make?
How Has the Study of Art History Changed?
What Types of Inquiry Are Conducted in Art History?

Why Is Aesthetics a Foundational Discipline?
What Is the Philosophical Tradition in Aesthetics?
How Can Students Become Engaged with Aesthetics?


Disciplinary Lenses
How Do the Disciplines Provide Different Perspectives on Art?
What Are the Sources for the Disciplinary Perspectives?
How Do the Disciplines Overlap and Interact?

Program Requirements
Why Is Arts Advocacy Necessary?
What Do Versions of DBAE Have in Common?
Why Is Administrative Support Essential?

Professional Roles
What Are the Roles of Art Specialists and Classroom Teachers?
How Can Discipline Experts Augment Instruction?
What Are the Contributions of Museum Educators?

Performance Assessment
Why Is Student Achievement the Bottom Line?
How Can Teacher Effectiveness Be Determined?
What Does Overall Program Evaluation Reveal?


Program Choices
What Basic Program Resources Are Needed?
Should Schools Use Commercial or "Homemade" Curricula?
How Is Pluralism in Art and Curriculum Choice Supported?

Community Resources
What Do Museums and Community Arts Organizations Contribute?
What Roles Can Parents and Policy Makers Play?
What Opportunities Exist for School-to-Work Linkages?

Professional Development
Why Is Preservice Preparation Important?
How Has Professional Development Evolved?
What Are the Resources in the Literature of Art Education?

The Future of DBAE

An Approach Still Evolving
Who is Responsible for Developing DBAE?
Why Is DBAE, Like Art Itself, Necessarily Open-Ended?
What Is the Role of New Ideologies?

Interdisciplinary Study
Why Is Integration of Subject Fields a Priority?
How Does DBAE Facilitate Interdisciplinary Studies?
What About the Performing Arts?

A Vision of Success
What Constitute "Best Practices" in the Classroom and School?
What Is the Promise of Electronic Technologies for the Future?
What Are the Aspirations for DBAE?



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