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Discipline-Based Art Education and Cultural Diversity

Leilani Lattin Duke
Thandiwee Michael Kendall

First Plenary Session
Perspectives on Cultural Diversity in Education
Introduction Leilani Lattin Duke
Opening Remarks
Bernice Johnson Reagon
Multicultural Education: What Does it Mean to Infuse it into a Discipline?
Carl A. Grant and Christine E. Sleeter
Art Education for Cultural Diversity: Developments in the United Kingdom
Rachel Mason
"Species-Centrism" and Cultural Diversity in the Arts
Ellen Dissanayake

Second Plenary Session
DBAE and Cultural Diversity: Three Perspectives
Claudine K. Brown
Cultural Diversity and Discipline-based Art Education
Michael D. Day
How Does DBAE Respond to Cultural Diversity?
F. Graeme Chalmers
Cultural Diversity and DBAE: The Challenge of One World and Multiple Visions
Frances E. Thurber
Questions and Answers
Claudine K. Brown, Moderator

Third Plenary Session
How Have Issues of Cultural Diversity Affected Practices in History, Aesthetics, Criticism, and Art Making?
Peter Pennekamp
Revisionist Art History and the Challenge of Cultural Diversity
Alan Wallach
The Effect of Cultural Diversity on Aesthetics
Marcia Muelder Eaton
Make it Real: Notes on Pluralism, Empirical Criticism, and the Present Moment
Robert Storr
How to Have Issues of Cultural Diversity Affected Practices in Art Making?
Alfred J. Quiroz

Fourth Plenary Session
DBAE and Other Disciplines: Three Perspectives
Martin Rosenberg
DBAE and Cultural Diversity: Some Perspectives from the Social Sciences
June King McFee
Learning from Literature
Marianna Torgovnick
Mining the Museum 1
Lisa Corrin
Mining the Museum 2
Fred Wilson
Questions and Answers

Fifth Plenary Session
Implications for Evolving DBAE Practice
Brent Wilson
Response to Papers by Ellen Dissanayake, Marcia Muelder Eaton, and June King McFee
Gilbert Clark
Response to Papers by Rachel Mason, F. Graeme Chalmers, and Alfred Quiroz
Robyn F. Wasson
Response to Papers by Alan Wallach, Robert Storr, Lisa Corrin, and Fred Wilson
Judith Stein
Response to Paper Michael Day
Jean Detlefsen
Response to Papers by Bernice Johnson Reagon, Carl Grant and Christine Sleeter, and Marianna Torgovnick
Vesta A.H. Daniel
Interactive Panel with Fifth Plenary Session Speakers—Gilbert Clark, Vesta A.H. Daniel, Jean Detlefsen, Judith Stein, Robyn F. Wasson, and Brent Wilson

Sixth Plenary Session
Affinity Group Summary Reports
Claudine K. Brown
Elementary Education
Catherine Leffler
Secondary Education
Judith Madden Bryant
Higher Education Group A
Martin Rosenberg
Higher Education Group B
Enid Zimmerman
Supervision and Administration
Janis Norman
Museum Education
Anne P El-Omami
Peter Pennekamp
Closing Statement
Thandiwee Michael Kendall