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Nefertari, Video
Nefertari, Video
The Search for Eternal Life
Conservation Institute Staff

Getty Conservation Institute
37 minutes
ISBN 978-0-89236-534-0
VHS format, color, Out of Print  1993


For more than twenty years Nefertari was the beloved queen of one of history's most celebrated and powerful rulers—Rameses the Great. Her importance as the pharaoh's consort is confirmed in images of her on monuments throughout Egypt but nowhere is it more evident than in her tomb in the Valley of the Queens.

Although Nefertari died over three thousand years ago, the modern discovery of the tomb was not until 1904. This video takes the viewer on a journey through the tomb, revealing the brilliant images that depict Nefertari's search for eternal life. It also shows the results of the ravages of time, nature, and humankind and what has been done in an effort to arrest them.

This video is no longer available.

Series: GCI Videotapes