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Great Moments in Greek Archaeology
Great Moments in Greek Archaeology

Edited by Vasileios Petrakos

J. Paul Getty Museum
390 pages, 9 5/8 x 11 1/2 inches
650 color illustrations
ISBN 978-0-89236-910-2
hardcover, $75.00  Order

"Opulent.... the hundreds of color photographs that overflow its pages exhibit uncontested masterpieces of Greek art in all their glory.... an invigorating and congenial tour through the mainland and the islands."
The New York Times Book Review


Selected as a Holiday Book for 2007 by the New York Times Book Review

Academic Coordinator: Panos Valavanis
Translated by: Dr. David Hardy
Foreword by: Angelos Delivorrias
Essays by: George F. Bass, Alberto G. Benvenuti, George Ch. Chourmouziadis, Christos Doumas, Stella Drougou, Spyros Iakovides, Evangelos Ch. Kakavoyiannis, Vassos Karageorghis, Susan Womer Katzev, Helmut Kyrieleis, Colin F. MacDonald, Fani Mallouchou-Tufano, Dominique Mulliez, Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, Vasileios Petrakos, Aliki Samara-Kauffmann, Marina Sophronidou, Georgios Steinhauer, Jutta Stroszeck, Harry E. Tzalas, and Panos Valavanis

This beautifully illustrated book offers an overview of the greatest archaeological sites and discoveries from ancient Greece. The contributors—a veritable who's who of the most venerable names in Greek archaeology—include both those who have excavated at the sites in question and scholars who have spent a lifetime studying the monuments about which they write.

Presented here are the legendary sites of ancient Greece, including the Athenian Acropolis, Olympia, Delphi, Schliemann's Mycenae, and the Athenian Agora; the most iconic sculptures in the Greek world, such as the Aphrodite of Melos and the Nike of Samothrace; and several fascinating chapters on underwater archaeology that discuss the Kyrenia and Uluburun shipwrecks and the astonishing bronze masterpieces raised from the sea. This is the first book to bring together the archaeological legacy of ancient Greece in a concise and accessible way while still preserving the excitement of discovery.

Vasileios Petrakos is General Secretary of the Archaeological Society at Athens.

Price: $75.00  Order

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