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European Clocks in the J. Paul Getty Museum
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European Clocks in the J. Paul Getty Museum

Gillian Wilson, et al.

J. Paul Getty Museum
212 pages, 9 x 12 inches
21 color, 174 duotone illustrations
ISBN 978-0-89236-254-7
hardcover, $100.00  Order

"A catalogue of striking beauty."

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Among the finest examples of European craftsmanship are the clocks produced for the luxury trade in the eighteenth century. The J. Paul Getty Museum is fortunate to have in its decorative arts collection twenty clocks dating from around 1680 to 1798; eighteen produced in France and two in Germany. They demonstrate the extraordinary workmanship that went into both the design and execution of the cases and the intricate movements by which the clocks operated.

In this handsome volume, each clock is pictured and discussed in detail, and each movement diagrammed and described. In addition, biographies of the clock-makers and enamelers are included, as are indexes of the names of the makers, previous owners, and locations.

Gillian Wilson is curator emeritus of decorative arts and sculpture at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Price: $100.00  Order