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The Story of Alexander the Great
The Story of Alexander the Great

Sofia Zarabouka

J. Paul Getty Museum
52 pages, 9 3/8 x 12 3/4 inches
26 color illustrations
ISBN 978-0-89236-755-9
hardcover, $17.95  Order


The Story of Alexander the Great tells the story of the young king of Macedonia who lived just thirty-two years and yet remains one of the most celebrated figures of classical antiquity. By the age of twenty the warrior king had proclaimed himself pharaoh of Egypt, battled Persian armies, marched into India, and carried classical culture to the foothills of the Himalayas. Combining stories from history and legend, Zarabouka chronicles the life of this boy wonder, from his early years as the son of King Philip and Queen Olympias to his rise as a brilliant leader of armies to his extraordinary reign over much of the known world.

For ages nine and up.

Price: $17.95  Order

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