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Art Education in Action Video Series

Museum Staff

J. Paul Getty Museum


These five videotapes present a sampler of discipline-based art lessons as developed and taught by teachers in their own classrooms. The excerpts are from a number of teaching situations from kindergarten through grade twelve with several combinations of content derived from the disciplines of art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art production.

The tapes illustrate the strengths of discipline-based art education (DBAE): its application over a range of content, the variety of teaching methods in which it can be used, and its adaptability in a spectrum of activities for learners of all abilities and styles. The tapes are designed to supplement professional preparation for teaching art. They are suitable for use by teachers wishing to enhance their own practice; by teacher-educators to illustrate the disciplined-based approach to their students; by curriculum supervisors for in-service and continuing education sessions; and by those preparing teacher-education courses.

Each tape is accompanied by a viewers guide that discusses the teaching methods, student learning activities, and broader issues in art education.

NTSC Standard (for use in North America, Japan and other parts of Asia, and parts of South America).

Tape 1: Aesthetics. 40 minutes.

Tape 2: Integrating the Art Disciplines. Two 20 minute teaching episodes.

Tape 3: Making Art. 40 minutes.

Tape 4: Art History and Art Criticism. Art History in the General Classroom. 40 minutes.

Tape 5: School-Museum Collaboration. 40 minutes.

Tape 1: Aesthetics (VHS, color): Out of Stock  
Tape 2: Integrating the Art Disciplines (VHS, color): $15.00   Order
Tape 3: Making Art (VHS, color): $15.00   Order
Tape 4: Art History and Art Criticism (VHS, color): Out of Stock  
Tape 5: School-Museum Collaboration (VHS, color): $15.00   Order
Tapes 1-5 (VHS, color): Out of Stock