Museum Home Past Exhibitions Spirit into Matter: The Photographs of Edmund Teske

June 15–September 26, 2004 at the Getty Center

Taliesin West / Teske

Edmund Teske (1911–1996) was one of the most significant artist-photographers active in Los Angeles in recent decades. He approached photography as a highly malleable medium, open to the artist's intervention at several points in the creative process. An inventive darkroom technician, Teske created photographs that expressed his emotional and spiritual concerns. His images reveal the power of memory and dreams to transform our perception and understanding of the visual world.

This exhibition presents many works that Teske kept private during his lifetime. The photographs span his career and subject matter, revealing his eye for the lyrical, the abstract, and the homoerotic. The Getty Museum's collection of his prints is supplemented by many recent acquisitions from Teske's heirs and complemented by loans from the collections of Laurence Bump, Nils Vidstrand, and Leland Rice and Susan Ehrens, whose cooperation is gratefully acknowledged.

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