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February 1–April 24, 2005 at the Getty Center

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Posted on 02/13/05 by Francisco C., Arroyo Grande, CA
Wow! I am a student at AGHS, and this Web site, along with the David exhibition, is extremely insightful. I have obtained a better appreciation of the arts and history of both France and Europe in general. I know that many of my teachers envy me for having this opportunity to come see this. (Hence, it was on a school day.) Thanks for the wonderful information that has benefited many, I'm sure. I'm planning on taking my parents there one of these weekends.

Posted on 02/10/05 by Mike McGlothlin, Long Beach, CA
Bravo! I had hoped that the Getty would one day do an exhibition on David, and that hope has been fufilled! I cannot wait to enjoy this rare opportunity! The Getty continues to give us wonderful and enriching culture to leaven an otherwise poor diet of pop drivel.

Posted on 02/10/05 by Gretchen Schroeder, Bristol, PA
I will be in L.A. on vacation in April—this exhibit is a must-do. With the help of this Web site I'll be sooooooo prepared and have a better understanding of what I'm about to see.

Posted 02/04/05 by J. Vernen, Thousand Oaks, CA
An interesting site. I plan to see the exhibit soon as I admire the work of David. Art and politics have a long history together. Napoleon/David, Roosevelt/Pare Lorentz and, if I may say, Hitler/Goebbels.

Posted 02/03/05 by Anna, Los Angeles, CA
I loved the David exhibit. I saw it the day before an exam on the French Revolution, and not only was it helpful, it was well put together and very interesting.

Posted 01/25/05 by Chris, Los Angeles, CA
This is a really rich site. There's a lot of interesting information here. But I think my favorite thing is the zoom windows. Take the Bonaparte Crossing the Alps zoom. You can see muskets and bayonettes poking above the ridge in the distance and faces of troops in between the locks of the horse's tail.

Posted 01/25/05 by Paula, West Hollywood, CA
Very clever—all those cool paintings and drawings, and you managed to sneak in a history lesson to boot! I've never been a history buff, but I now feel the need to pick up a book on Napoleon, or maybe reread A Tale of Two Cities. Excellent Web site, very well done!

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