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1.   Hierarchy of Abuladze, Tengiz Abuladze, Tengiz
(Georgian film director, 1924-1994) [500472246] (Persons, Artists)
Tengiz Abuladze
2.   Hierarchy of Adjiashvili, Simon Adjiashvili, Simon
(Georgian artist, born 1949) [500480923] (Persons, Artists)
אגיאשוילי, שמעון (סימון)
Simon Adjiashvili
3.   Hierarchy of Akhvlediani, Yelena Akhvlediani, Yelena
(Georgian painter, 1898-1975) [500121572] (Persons, Artists)
Yelena Akhvlediani
4.   Hierarchy of Alexi-Meskhishvili, Giorgi Alexi-Meskhishvili, Giorgi
(Georgian scenographer, contemporary) [500386207] (Persons, Artists)
Giorgi Alexi-Meskhishvili
5.   Hierarchy of Berdzenišvili, Merab Isidorovič Berdzenišvili, Merab Isidorovič
(Georgian sculptor and painter, born 1929) [500113019] (Persons, Artists)
Berdzenishvili, M.
M. Berdzenishvili
Merab Isidorovič Berdzenišvili
6.   Hierarchy of Beridze, Aleksandre Beridze, Aleksandre
(Georgian painter, 1858-1917) [500121580] (Persons, Artists)
Aleksandre Beridze
7.   Hierarchy of Borodin, Anatolii Vladimirovich Borodin, Anatolii Vladimirovich
(Russian painter, born 1935) [500093314] (Persons, Artists)
Anatolii Vladimirovich Borodin
Borodin, Anatolij Vladimirovič
8.   Hierarchy of Channan, David Channan, David
(Georgian painter, born 1966) [500482525] (Persons, Artists)
חנן, דוד
David Channan
9.   Hierarchy of Chkadua, Eteri Chkadua, Eteri
(Georgian painter, contemporary) [500332556] (Persons, Artists)
Eteri Chkadua
10.   Hierarchy of Chogoshvili, Levan A. Chogoshvili, Levan A.
(Georgian mixed-media artist, born 1953) [500123433] (Persons, Artists)
Levan A. Chogoshvili
11.   Hierarchy of Cicišvili, David Nikolaevič Cicišvili, David Nikolaevič
(Georgian ceramicist, critic, and collector, 1901-1986) [500089174] (Persons, Artists)
Cicišvili, David
David Nikolaevič Cicišvili
12.   Hierarchy of Damiane Damiane
(Georgian painter, active 1st half of 14th century) [500345643] (Persons, Artists)
13.   Hierarchy of Danisov, Salva Danisov, Salva
(Georgian painter, born 1941) [500484322] (Persons, Artists)
דניסוב, סלבה
Salva Danisov
14.   Hierarchy of Djikia, Alexander Djikia, Alexander
(Georgian etcher and painter, born 1963, active in Russia and Turkey) [500385129] (Persons, Artists)
Alexander Djikia
Dzhikii︠a︡, Aleksandr
Dzhikiia, Aleksandr‏
Dzhikiia, Aleksandr Romanovič
Dzikija, Aleksandr
Džikija, Aleksandr
Jikia, Aleksandr
Jikia, Alexander D.
15.   Hierarchy of Djordjadze, Thea Djordjadze, Thea
(Georgian performance and installation artist, born 1971, active in Cologne, Germany) [500355856] (Persons, Artists)
Thea Djordjadze
16.   Hierarchy of Edzgveradze, Gia Edzgveradze, Gia
(Georgian painter and installation artist, born 1953) [500373660] (Persons, Artists)
Ėdzgveradze, Georgij Vachtangovič
Ėdzgveradze, Gija
Gia Edzgveradze
17.   Hierarchy of Ermakov, Dmitri Ermakov, Dmitri
(Georgian photographer, 1846-1916) [500059184] (Persons, Artists)
Dimitri Jermakov
Dimitri Jermakow
Dmitri Ermakov
Ermakov, D.
Ermakov, Dmitrij Ivanovič
Jermakov, Dimitri
Jermakow, Dimitri
18.   Hierarchy of Gabashvili, Georgy Gabashvili, Georgy
(Georgian painter, 1862-1936) [500121574] (Persons, Artists)
Gabashvili, Georgy.
Gabashvili, Georgy Ivanovich
Gabashvili, Gigo
Georgy Gabashvili
19.   Hierarchy of Gamrekeli, Iraklii Gamrekeli, Iraklii
(Georgian artist, 1894-1943) [500460838] (Persons, Artists)
Iraklii Gamrekeli
20.   Hierarchy of Gamrekeli, Iraklij Il'ič Gamrekeli, Iraklij Il'ič
(Georgian scenographer, 1894-1943) [500101869] (Persons, Artists)
Iraklij Il'ič Gamrekeli
21.   Hierarchy of Gogoberidze, Lana Gogoberidze, Lana
(Georgian artist, born 1928) [500472247] (Persons, Artists)
Lana Gogoberidze
22.   Hierarchy of Gudiashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Lado
(Georgian painter, draftsman, and illustrator, 1896-1980) [500005759] (Persons, Artists)
Goudiachvili, Lado
Gudiashvili, Lado.
Gudiashvili, Lado Davidovich
Gudiashvili, Vladimir
Gudiashvili, Vladimir Davidovich
Gudiašvili, Lado
Lado Goudiachvili
Lado Gudiashvili
Vladimir Davidovich Gudiashvili
23.   Hierarchy of Guramishvili, David Guramishvili, David
(Georgian painter, 1857-1926) [500121581] (Persons, Artists)
David Guramishvili
24.   Hierarchy of Gvelesiani, Romanoz Gvelesiani, Romanoz
(Georgian painter, 1859-1884) [500121579] (Persons, Artists)
Romanoz Gvelesiani
25.   Hierarchy of Ignatov, Nikolaj Ignatov, Nikolaj
(Georgian painter and scenographer, born 1937) [500091002] (Persons, Artists)
Ignatovi, Koka
Ignatov, Koka
Ignatov, Nikolai
Nikolaj Ignatov
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