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1.   Hierarchy of Abuladze, Tengiz Abuladze, Tengiz
(Georgian film director, 1924-1994) [500472246] (Persons, Artists)
Tengiz Abuladze
2.   Hierarchy of Adjiashvili, Simon Adjiashvili, Simon
(Georgian artist, born 1949) [500480923] (Persons, Artists)
אגיאשוילי, שמעון (סימון)
Simon Adjiashvili
3.   Hierarchy of Akhvlediani, Yelena Akhvlediani, Yelena
(Georgian painter, 1898-1975) [500121572] (Persons, Artists)
Yelena Akhvlediani
4.   Hierarchy of Alexi-Meskhishvili, Giorgi Alexi-Meskhishvili, Giorgi
(Georgian scenographer, contemporary) [500386207] (Persons, Artists)
Giorgi Alexi-Meskhishvili
5.   Hierarchy of Berdzenišvili, Merab Isidorovič Berdzenišvili, Merab Isidorovič
(Georgian sculptor and painter, born 1929) [500113019] (Persons, Artists)
Berdzenishvili, M.
M. Berdzenishvili
Merab Isidorovič Berdzenišvili
6.   Hierarchy of Beridze, Aleksandre Beridze, Aleksandre
(Georgian painter, 1858-1917) [500121580] (Persons, Artists)
Aleksandre Beridze
7.   Hierarchy of Borodin, Anatolii Vladimirovich Borodin, Anatolii Vladimirovich
(Russian painter, born 1935) [500093314] (Persons, Artists)
Anatolii Vladimirovich Borodin
Borodin, Anatolij Vladimirovič
8.   Hierarchy of Chagelishvili, Gogi Chagelishvili, Gogi
(Georgian artist, 1945-) [500585053] (Persons, Artists)
Gogi Chagelishvili
9.   Hierarchy of Channan, David Channan, David
(Georgian painter, born 1966) [500482525] (Persons, Artists)
חנן, דוד
David Channan
10.   Hierarchy of Chkadua, Eteri Chkadua, Eteri
(Georgian painter, contemporary) [500332556] (Persons, Artists)
Eteri Chkadua
11.   Hierarchy of Chogoshvili, Levan A. Chogoshvili, Levan A.
(Georgian mixed-media artist, born 1953) [500123433] (Persons, Artists)
Levan A. Chogoshvili
12.   Hierarchy of Cicišvili, David Nikolaevič Cicišvili, David Nikolaevič
(Georgian ceramicist, critic, and collector, 1901-1986) [500089174] (Persons, Artists)
Cicišvili, David
David Nikolaevič Cicišvili
13.   Hierarchy of Damiane Damiane
(Georgian painter, active 1st half of 14th century) [500345643] (Persons, Artists)
14.   Hierarchy of Danisov, Salva Danisov, Salva
(Georgian painter, born 1941) [500484322] (Persons, Artists)
דניסוב, סלבה
Salva Danisov
15.   Hierarchy of Djikia, Alexander Djikia, Alexander
(Georgian etcher and painter, born 1963, active in Russia and Turkey) [500385129] (Persons, Artists)
Alexander Djikia
Dzhikii︠a︡, Aleksandr
Dzhikiia, Aleksandr‏
Dzhikiia, Aleksandr Romanovič
Dzikija, Aleksandr
Džikija, Aleksandr
Jikia, Aleksandr
Jikia, Alexander D.
16.   Hierarchy of Djordjadze, Thea Djordjadze, Thea
(Georgian performance and installation artist, born 1971, active in Cologne, Germany) [500355856] (Persons, Artists)
Thea Djordjadze
17.   Hierarchy of Edzgveradze, Gia Edzgveradze, Gia
(Georgian painter and installation artist, born 1953) [500373660] (Persons, Artists)
Ėdzgveradze, Georgij Vachtangovič
Ėdzgveradze, Gija
Edzgveradze,Georgij Vachtangovic
Edzgveradze, Gija
Edzgveradze, Giya
Gia Edzgveradze
Gija Edzgveradze
18.   Hierarchy of Ermakov, Dmitri Ermakov, Dmitri
(Georgian photographer, 1846-1916) [500059184] (Persons, Artists)
Dimitri Jermakov
Dimitri Jermakow
Dmitri Ermakov
Ermakov, D.
Ermakov, Dimitri
Ermakov, Dmitrij Ivanovič
Jermakov, Dimitri
Jermakow, Dimitri
Yermakov, Dimitri
19.   Hierarchy of Gabashvili, Georgy Gabashvili, Georgy
(Georgian painter, 1862-1936) [500121574] (Persons, Artists)
Gabashvili, Georgy.
Gabashvili, Georgy Ivanovich
Gabashvili, Gigo
Georgy Gabashvili
20.   Hierarchy of Gamrekeli, Iraklii Gamrekeli, Iraklii
(Georgian artist, 1894-1943) [500460838] (Persons, Artists)
Iraklii Gamrekeli
21.   Hierarchy of Gamrekeli, Iraklij Il'ič Gamrekeli, Iraklij Il'ič
(Georgian scenographer, 1894-1943) [500101869] (Persons, Artists)
Iraklij Il'ič Gamrekeli
22.   Hierarchy of Gogoberidze, Lana Gogoberidze, Lana
(Georgian artist, born 1928) [500472247] (Persons, Artists)
Lana Gogoberidze
23.   Hierarchy of Goudji Goudji
(Georgian sculptor, 1941-) [500376692] (Persons, Artists)
Amachoukeli, Godja
Amašukeli, Ėlgudža
Amašukeli, Gudži
24.   Hierarchy of Gudiashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Lado
(Georgian painter, draftsman, and illustrator, 1896-1980) [500005759] (Persons, Artists)
Goediasjvili, Lado
Goudiachvili, Lado
Gudiaschvili, Ludo
Gudiashvili, Lado.
Gudiashvili, Lado Davidovich
Gudiashvili, Vladimir
Gudiashvili, Vladimir Davidovich
Gudiashvili, Vladimir (Lado) Davydovich
Gudiašvili, Lado
Lado Goudiachvili
Lado Gudiashvili
Vladimir Davidovich Gudiashvili
25.   Hierarchy of Guramishvili, David Guramishvili, David
(Georgian painter, 1857-1926) [500121581] (Persons, Artists)
David Guramishvili
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