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syrian (modern)

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1.   Hierarchy of al-Saleh, Khairat al-Saleh, Khairat
(Syrian artist, contemporary) [500487822] (Persons, Artists)
Khairat al-Saleh
2.   Hierarchy of Bazak, Avraham Bazak, Avraham
(Syrian painter, 1933-1998) [500484243] (Persons, Artists)
בזק, אברהם
Avraham Bazak
3.   Hierarchy of Fattal, Simone Fattal, Simone
(Syrian painter, born 1942) [500489082] (Persons, Artists)
Simone Fattal
4.   Hierarchy of Firas Fayyad Firas Fayyad
(Syrian artist, born 1984) [500463915] (Persons, Artists)
5.   Hierarchy of Geyra, Yigal Geyra, Yigal
(Syrian painter, born 1918) [500482976] (Persons, Artists)
גרא, יגאל
Yigal Geyra
6.   Hierarchy of Ghaibeh, Lina Ghaibeh, Lina
(Syrian photographer, born 1967) [500489292] (Persons, Artists)
Lina Ghaibeh
7.   Hierarchy of Mardam-Bey, Rima Mardam-Bey, Rima
(Syrian artist, born 1948) [500488470] (Persons, Artists)
Rima Mardam-Bey
8.   Hierarchy of Marwan Marwan
(Syrian painter, 1934-2016, active in Berlin) [500373117] (Persons, Artists)
Kassab-Bachi, Marwan
9.   Hierarchy of Mohammad, Oussama Mohammad, Oussama
(Syrian artist, born 1954) [500475396] (Persons, Artists)
Oussama Mohammad
10.   Hierarchy of Muraywid, Layla Muraywid, Layla
(Syrian artist, born 1956) [500488697] (Persons, Artists)
Layla Muraywid
11.   Hierarchy of Quarez, Michel Quarez, Michel
(Syrian painter, born 1938) [500480244] (Persons, Artists)
קווארז, מישל
Michel Quarez
12.   Hierarchy of Raad, Nada Raad, Nada
(Syrian artist, born 1943) [500489205] (Persons, Artists)
Nada Raad
13.   Hierarchy of Sassoon Elnakave, Liliane Sassoon Elnakave, Liliane
(Israeli painter, born 1943, in Syria) [500477953] (Persons, Artists)
ששון אלנקווה, לילאן
Liliane Sassoon Elnakave
14.   Hierarchy of Shemi, Avraham Shemi, Avraham
(Israeli painter, born 1935, Syria) [500479262] (Persons, Artists)
שמי, אברהם
Avraham Shemi
Shoham, Avraham
15.   Hierarchy of Zamroud, Fathalla Zamroud, Fathalla
(Syrian-Lebanese painter, 1968-2018) [500450144] (Persons, Artists)
Fathalla Zamroud
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