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Gary Baseman and John Harris Sign Strong Stuff

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2:30 p.m.
Location: Museum Lecture Hall lobby
Admission: Free

Acclaimed author John Harris and artist and illustrator Gary Baseman appear at the Getty Center to sign their latest creation, Strong Stuff: Herakles and his Labors (Getty Publications, $16.95, hardcover).

Harris will read from the book and Baseman will conduct a drawing demonstration. A book signing and display of original artwork from the book will follow.

About Strong Stuff
Herakles was one of the greatest of all Greek heroes, and his exploits have been celebrated in paintings, songs, poetry, and sculpture for thousands of years. Now Baseman, the Emmy-Award winning creator of Disney's Teacher's Pet and the artist behind the visual identity of the Cranium games, has brought a fresh look to the familiar hero.

"I wanted to make the characters real and put in humor that kids would appreciate—without dumbing it down," says Baseman.

Written in a tongue-in-cheek style by John Harris, author of kid favorite Greece! Rome! Monsters!, the book recounts Herakles' twelve labors one-by-one—the Symphalian Birds (defeated by crashing cymbals), creepy King Geryon (with three heads AND three bodies), the Augean Stables (a stinky cleaning job even a clean freak wouldn't touch!), plus nine more mythical adventures.

Baseman illustrates each tale in his distinctive style—which is contemporary and reminiscent of mid-century comics at the same time.

Buy Strong Stuff online.

Strong Stuff: Herakles and His Labors