Network diagram of agents connecting the British, French, Dutch, and Belgian auction markets from 1801–20 using 230,000 records from the Getty Provenance Index

  Created using Cytoscape. © J. Paul Getty Trust and Maximilian Schich

This is an example of how larger data sets from the Getty Provenance Index® can be used to visualize relationships, patterns, and trends. Based on 230,000 records, this network diagram maps individuals such as buyers, sellers, auctioneers, and experts who were active at multiple places in Europe between 1801 and 1820. Circles represent individuals, and squares represent places. Node and link colors indicate the prevalence of selling (blue), brokering (grey), and buying (orange). The size of the circles and squares as well as the thickness of the lines connecting them is dependent on the total activity and number of transactions over the 20-year time frame.