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The Future of Art Bibliography (FAB) initiative developed out of various conversations among colleagues in the United States and Europe. Concerns in the art historical community about limited funding resources for art libraries and projects internationally and the cessation of the Getty's support for the Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) provided the catalyst for a Kress Foundation grant to the Getty Research Institute.

What ensued was a series of international meetings of art librarians, art historians, publishers, and information technologists to review current practices, take stock of changes, and develop more sustainable and collaborative ways of supporting the bibliography of art history in the future. An international community-driven initiative arose from these early FAB meetings, one that envisions a global approach to an ever-evolving definition of what is meant by bibliography.


Art Libraries Journal, 45, no. 2 (2020)
The Digital Cicognara Library: transforming a 19th century resource for the digital age

Art Libraries Journal, 40, no. 3 (2015)
The Art Discovery Group Catalogue: a new and freely available tool for art historical bibliographic research

Getty Research Journal, no. 6 (2014)
Facilitating Art-Historical Research in the Digital Age: The Getty Research Portal

Art Documentation volume 31, no. 2 (2012)
Future of Art Bibliography initiative: Charting a new future

Art Libraries Journal, volume 36, no.2 (2011)
Special issue on the future of art bibliography.

The Getty Iris, April 20, 2010
The Future of Art Bibliography

Past Meetings, Presentations, and Reports:

Munich, Germany, October 14–15, 2022
Art Information: Reflection and the Future | 9th International Conference for Art Libraries

Dublin, Ireland, July 23, 2022
Chester Beatty
IFLA World Library Congress 2022
Art Libraries Section, Challenges of Art Librarianship: 2020 and Beyond
Digital Collection networks in art history and cultural heritage
  • Assessing the Getty Research Portal after 10 Years
  • The Digital Cicognara Library: an international open access collaboration of the early literature of the arts
  • Think big—act smart. The Art Discovery Group Catalogue and its future

Virtual conference, May 11–13, 2021
ARLIS/NA 49th Annual Conference

Virtual conference, August 2021
IFLA, World Library and Information Congress 2021
Art Libraries Section Satellite Meeting
      Presentation of the Getty Research Portal

Virtual presentation, November 28, 2020
Japan Art Documentation Society
The Open Access Project of the Oda Kazuma Collection with a Focus on Illustrated Books by Katsushika Hokusai: Disseminate Bibliographic Information Globally in Collaboration with Getty Research Institute: Standardization of Bibliographic Information and Preservation of Material

Virtual meeting, November 18, 2020
OCLC Research Library Partnership Forum
Art Discovery Group Catalogue Update

Virtual meeting, May 21, 2020
Getty Research Portal Advisory Group Meeting

Salt Lake City, March 26-30, 2019
ARLIS/NA 47th Annual Meeting
      Getty Research Portal Open Advisory Meeting

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 4–5, 2018
8th International Conference of Art Libraries

Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 21, 2018
I Simpósio Organização do Cohecimento e Humanidades Digitais/ I Symposium on Knowledge Organization and Digital Humanities
The Getty Research Portal

New York, New York, February 25–March 1, 2018
ARLIS/NA 46th Annual Conference
      Getty Research Portal Advisory Meeting

Los Angeles, California, February 21–24, 2018
College Art Association Annual Conference
      The Getty Research Portal: A Virtual Library to Serve the Digital Era

Tokyo, December 6, 2017
Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Symposium
Aiming for international information dissemination of research materials of Japanese Art

Rome, Italy, October 3–5, 2017
Digital Cicognara Library Partners Meetings and Public Symposium, funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Wroclaw, Poland, August 22, 2017
Museum of Architecture
IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2017
Session 166 - Discovering Art and Architecture: Open-Access Tools for Art History Research - Art Libraries
         Facts about the Art Discovery Group Catalogue
         Making More of the Data: The Kubikat in the Central Index of WorldCat
         A Virtual Library for Art History: The Getty Research Portal
         Open Access Resources for Art in Hungary: Digitizing Cultural Heritage

New Orleans, February 5–9, 2017
ARLIS/NA 45th Annual Conference
      Getty Research Portal Advisory Group Open Meeting
      OCLC Art Discovery Group Catalogue Updates:
         OCLC Update Meeting
         OCLC Research Library Partnership Roundtable Luncheon

Florence, Italy, October 28–29, 2016 Discovery Group Catalogue/Future of art bibliography General Meeting
Art Discovery Group Catalogue Progress Report, 2014-2016

Columbus, Ohio, August 15, 2016
IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2016
Session 091 Presentations: Worth a Thousand Words: A Global Perspective on Image Description, Discovery, and Access
      These Silent Witnesses of My Affections: A Collaborative Recreation of Count Leopoldo Cicognara's Library

Amsterdam & Leiden, June 20–21, 2016 Discovery Group Catalogue Committee Meeting with OCLC

Seattle, March 8–12, 2016
ARLIS/NA & VRA 3rd Joint Conference
     "E-mania!—the present and future of electronic art book publishing"
     Getty Research Portal Advisory Group Open Meeting

Fort Worth, March 19-23, 2015
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
     Art Discovery Group Catalogue Q & A
     Future of Art Bibliography: Sustaining Collaboration in an Evolving Landscape
     Getty Research Portal Advisory Group

Florence, February 10-11, 2015
Sixth annual meeting of the EMEA Regional Council
The Future of Art Bibliography (FAB): To Look for New Ways of Facilitating Art Historical Research Collaboratively

Copenhagen, October 2014
Sixth general meeting/Future of Art Bibliography Conference

Lyon, August 2014
80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly
Art Discovery: A Portal to the World's Great Art Libraries

Paris, August 2014
Art Libraries Section, IFLA 2014
Presentation of Art Discovery Project

Manchester, July 2014
ARLIS UK & Ireland Annual Conference
The Art Discovery Group Catalogue

Washington, D.C., May 2014
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
A Culture of Collaboration: The FAB Initiative 5th Annual Update

Amsterdam, December 2013 committee meeting with OCLC regarding the future of in the FAB context

Pasadena, April 2013
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
Building collective solutions: The 4th Future of Art Bibliography initiative annual update

Amsterdam, April 2013 committee meeting with OCLC regarding the future of in the FAB context

Paris, September 2012
Fifth general meeting/FAB meeting

Helsinki, August 2012
IFLA Art Libraries Section Open Session
"Federated metasearches, boon or bane?"

Los Angeles, May 2012
Getty Research Portal Launch and Colloquium

Toronto, March 2012
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
"Future of Art Bibliography update"

Los Angeles, February 2012
College Art Association Annual Conference
"A Portal for Digitized Art-Historical Texts: Unified Access to the Early Literature of Art History" (PDF, 2.20MB, 27pp.)

Paris, October 2011
FAB Steering Committee/Getty Research Portal Meeting

Zurich, June 23–24, 2011 Meeting with FAB Steering Committee

Minneapolis, March 24, 2011
VRA+ARLIS/NA Joint Conference

Los Angeles, March 14–16, 2011
Meeting to launch a pilot project: the FAB Digital Registry of Art Historical Texts (PDF, 189KB, 1pp.)

New York, February 12, 2011
College Art Association Annual Conference

Lisbon, Portugal, October 28–29, 2010 meeting (agenda) (PDF, 199KB, 3pp.)
See Lisbon meeting overview by Uwe Dierolf, " Bericht uber die Konferenz vom 28 bis 30 Oktober in Lissabon" in BIT online 13 (2010), Nr. 4. pp. 409–410

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 11, 2010
IFLA, Art Libraries Section
Papers presented in Art Libraries section conference session: "Open access and digital resources"

Los Angeles, June 21–23, 2010
The Future of Art Bibliography Supplemental Meeting (report) (PDF, 559KB, 11pp.)

Boston, April 25, 2010
The Future of Art Bibliography update, an ad hoc session at the ARLIS/NA annual conference

New York, April 21–22, 2010
The Future of Art Bibliography in the 21st Century (report) (PDF, 643KB, 12pp.)