About This Exhibition

Considered one of the most influential schools of art and design of the 20th century, the Bauhaus forged a unique educational vision that blended theory with practice in order to cultivate a new generation of artists and designers.

Conceived in tandem with the Getty Research Institute’s gallery exhibition,
Bauhaus Beginnings, this online exhibition offers an in-depth look into the school’s novel pedagogy. Highlighting student explorations, masters’ theories, and a variety of colorful media drawn from the Research Institute’s archives, the project includes three interactive exercises that invite viewers to immerse themselves in surprising aspects of Bauhaus curriculum.

Project Team

Maristella Casciato, Getty Research Institute, senior curator
Gary Fox, Getty Research Institute, research assistant
Katherine Rochester, Getty Research Institute, graduate intern (2017–2018)

• • • • • • • •

Mantas Andrijauskas, J. Paul Getty Trust, software engineer
Christa Aube, Getty Research Institute, exhibitions coordinator
Nick Hulea, J. Paul Getty Trust, software engineer
Andrew Kersey, Getty Research Institute, content strategist, editor
Liz McDermott, Getty Research Institute, project lead
Uma Nair, Getty Research Institute, project manager
Jennifer Park, Getty Research Institute, associate exhibitions coordinator
Abigail Robertson, Getty Research Institute, graduate intern (2018–2019)
Hande Sever, Getty Research Institute, graduate intern (2017–2018)
Alexandra Sommer, Getty Research Institute, graduate intern (2018–2019)
Ramon Tapales, J. Paul Getty Trust, lead user experience designer
Johnny Tran, Getty Research Institute, on-camera talent, admin assistant
yU+co, design studio (interactive exercises)

In addition to the various rights holders who granted permission for the use of images in this project, a special thanks to the following for their valuable contributions: Greg Albers, Betsy Brand, Debra Canter, Tim Durfee, Rich Fagen, Mikka Gee Conway, Thomas Gaehtgens, Marc Grobman, Erin Hauer, Virginia Heckert, Amy Hood, Alicia Maria Houtrouw, Kara Kirk, Lisa Lapin, Joohee Lee, Pauline Lopez, Jack Ludden, Mary Miller, Samantha Monarch, David Newbury, Charlemagne Palestine, Andrew Perchuk, Merritt Price, Marcia Reed, Raman Schlemmer, Annelisa Stephan, Yasmine Vatere, Maria Velez, Sarah Waldorf, Lena Watanabe

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