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Enjoy art through audio with our free podcasts. You can subscribe to our podcasts through iTunes or an RSS reader. You can also listen to some of our audio with an online player, or download the audio files directly from this site.

How to Subscribe
Available Podcasts

How to Subscribe

You can get our free podcasts in two ways:

1. iTunes—You'll need iTunes installed on your computer. (Download iTunes here.) Click on the iTunes icon on any of our pages that feature a podcast and iTunes will launch automatically. You can also find Getty podcasts through iTunes by searching for "Getty Trust" in the iTunes store.

Once you're in the podcast, click the "subscribe" button to download the most recent episode to your iTunes library. Click on individual "Get Episode" buttons to download older episodes from the podcast.

2. RSS—Click on the RSS icon on any of our pages that feature a podcast to subscribe using your favorite RSS reader. If you are using the Internet Explorer Web browser, version 6.0 or older, this may not work for you. Instead, right-click on the RSS link and copy the link. Then, paste the link into your favorite RSS feed reader.

Note: Some of our audio may also be available to listen or download directly from our Web site. Check the Web page for a particular audio presentation to see if this option is available.


What is a Podcast?
A podcast is a way of delivering a series of audio or video files on the Web. When you "subscribe" to a podcast, you automatically get the most recent audio file delivered to your computer as soon as it is available. Many podcasts are available through Apple's iTunes program. The word podcast is a combination of the words "pod" (from iPod) and "cast" (from broadcast).

Do I need to have iTunes to subscribe to a podcast?
Because all podcasts are made available through an RSS feed, you can subscribe to a podcast using any RSS reader. Click on the RSS icon on any of our pages that feature a podcast to subscribe in this way. Your browser should recognize the feed and prompt you to choose an RSS reader. You'll need to have an account with an online or downloadable RSS reader set up in order to choose this option.

What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for "really simple syndication." RSS allows Web sites to syndicate their content so that users can subscribe to updates. Instead of going to your favorite Web site to look for updates manually, you can have updates "fed" to you automatically. But in order to get the updates, you need to get a feed reader.

How do I get an RSS feed reader?
RSS readers are generally free. There are many options. Some readers are Web-based; you go to the Web site to view your feeds. Some readers can be downloaded to your computer, allowing feeds to be viewed on your desktop. Search the Internet for "rss feed reader." Many popular free e-mail providers, such as Yahoo! and Google, provide feed readers.

What should I do if clicking on the RSS icon only shows me computer code?
Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and older) do not automatically recognize an RSS feed. To view the feed, copy the link and then paste it into your favorite RSS reader (PC users can do this by right-clicking on the feed link and selecting "copy link location").

Available Podcasts

Follow the links below for more information about the audio and to subscribe to these podcasts:

The Getty Research Institute's Close Radio podcast (2007)
Performance art from the 1970s Los Angeles radio program "Close Radio"
Modern Outdoor Sculpture at the Getty Center podcast (2008)
Audio tour of outdoor sculpture in the Getty Museum's collection