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Edited by Erik Risser and David Saunders

The archaeological finds at Herculaneum and Pompeii have rendered Naples an especially rich field for the study of the history of restorations, particularly of ancient bronzes. Bringing together the research of an international group of curators, conservators, archivists, and scientists, this extensively illustrated online volume examines the evolving practice of bronze restoration in Naples and other European centers from the eighteenth century to today.

Presenting the results of new investigations, this collection of essays and case studies addresses the contexts in which the restorations took place, the techniques and materials used, the role of specialists, and changing attitudes to the display of these statues. Along with a rich selection of images, these texts offer a significant contribution to the history of restoration and conservation, providing valuable information regarding the evolution of taste and museum practices at a formative stage of modern archaeology.

The essays collected here were written following a series of presentations at a one-day conference, "Restoring Ancient Bronzes in the Nineteenth Century," held at the J. Paul Getty Museum on May 6, 2011.

Each illustrated essay is accompanied by a separate gallery of large-format images to facilitate study and analysis.

Edited by Erik Risser, associate conservator in the Department of Antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum, and David Saunders, assistant curator in the Department of Antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum, this collection is part of the Getty's ongoing commitment to the online publication of scholarly conferences and symposia.

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Entire volume and gallery of
The Restoration of Ancient Bronzes: Naples and Beyond

PDF The Restoration of Ancient Bronzes: Naples and Beyond
(463 MB, 147 pp.)
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Individual essays and related galleries within The Restoration of Ancient Bronzes: Naples and Beyond

PDF 1 | Introduction (392 KB, 8 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 225 KB)
Erik Risser and David Saunders

PDF 2 | Exhibition and Experiment: A History of the Real Museo Borbonico (59.4 MB, 17 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 43.6 MB)
Andrea Milanese

PDF 3 | Appearances Can Be Deceiving: The Presentation of Bronzes from Herculaneum and Pompeii (44.9 MB, 11 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 37.7 MB)
Carol C. Mattusch

PDF 4 | The Restoration History of the Bronze Apollo and Diana from Pompeii (34.9 MB, 16 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 25.7 MB)
Erik Risser and David Saunders

PDF 5 | The Ephebe from the Via dell'Abbondanza: History of a Restoration (11.2 MB, 7 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 7.16 MB)
Luigia Melillo

PDF 6 | The Birth and Second Life of the Minerva of Arezzo (88.4 MB, 19 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 63.6 MB)
Salvatore Siano

PDF 7 | The Child with a Bulla in the Louvre: History of the Reconstruction and Restoration of an Ancient Bronze (54.4 MB, 12 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 41.7 MB)
Sophie Descamps-Lequime, BenoƮt Mille, Dominique Robcis, and Nathalie Balcar

PDF 8 | Mounting and Patina: Nineteenth-Century Solutions in the Restoration of Large Bronzes in Berlin's Antikensammlung (93.0 MB, 18 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 89.3 MB)
Uwe Peltz

PDF 9 | The Bronze Statue of Trebonianus Gallus in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Restoration, Technique, and Interpretation (62.6 MB, 24 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 48.4 MB)
Seán Hemingway, Sarah McGregor, and Dylan Smith

PDF 10 | Methods and Materials Used for Patination at the Fonderia Chiurazzi (11.3 MB, 6 pp.)
PDF GALLERY (Images only, 7.4 MB)
Luisa Fucito

PDF About the Authors (126 KB, 5 pp.)

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Front image: Apollo Saettante, 100 B.C.–before A.D. 79. Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (detail, figure 4.18)

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