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About this evaluation:

In November 2004 the Museum launched a virtual Getty Museum on Whyville (http://www.whyville.net). Whyville is an online, educational environment for kids, ages 8-15. Whyville is a virtual world where kids can chat, play games, and learn in a safe environment. Getty content on Whyville was initially launched with the ArtSets game. In February 2005 the Art Treasure Hunt game was added. Six levels of the Treasure Hunt were phased in over six weeks. This assessment includes analysis of Getty content on Whyville gathered over two periods: February to September 2005 and September 2005 to February 2006. Key questions this assessment sought to answer were:

  • How many users visit Getty content on Whyville and what is the visit duration?
  • How does this usage compare to that in other sponsored areas on Whyville, and to usage on Whyville overall?
  • How many users come to the Getty Web site from Whyville?
  • How are Whyville's users using content on getty.edu?
  • Does Getty content on Whyville increase their users' awareness of the Getty?
  • Does Getty content on Whyville affect their users' attitudes about art and museums?



Whyville Assessment, 2006