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About this evaluation:

A study was conducted of the listening station for the Scene of the Crime:Photo by Weegee exhibition. The evaluation was conducted from December 2005 through January 2006 to assess the usefulness and accessibility of the listening station, as well as the value of the content and its impact on visitor experience in the gallery. The study was primarily qualitative in nature, employing both surveys and interviews. 383 surveys were taken outside the gallery. The following were study objectives:

  • What was the demographic make-up of the Weegee listening station users?
  • Were users comfortable with the length, number and title of the audio stops?
  • Was the listening station content easy to understand? Did users find the listening station content interesting?
  • What did users think about having the wands outside the gallery in one location?
  • What did the listening station contribute to the overall gallery experience?



Weegee Listening Station Evaluation, 2006