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About this evaluation:

A study was conducted on a handheld device developed for the exhibition Rembrandt's Late Religious Portraits in August 2005. The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in association with the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. The study proposed to answer questions on the effectiveness of the device, its functions, visitor expectations, and whether visitors preferred using the device over traditional educational methods. The study pursued the following research objectives:

  • Was the visitor response to the Rembrandt handheld generally positive?
  • Were there any significant usability issues with the device?
  • How did the Rembrandt handheld affect visitor engagement with the art? Did users and non-users have the same quality experience?
  • Which do visitors prefer, a device like the Rembrandt handheld or traditional audio guides?
  • What were the expectations for technology in the gallery, and were there additional featured or content that users felt were missing from the Rembrandt handheld?



Rembrandt Handheld Evaluation, 2005