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About this evaluation:

In October 2008 the J. Paul Getty Museum began its first use of social media with @GettyMuseum on Twitter. An informal qualitative evaluation of this project was undertaken in July 2009 with the intention to inform Museum stakeholders about the project, and to identify and consider examples of the project's goals in an effort to gauge the success and impact of this endeavor.

Key project objectives include:

  • To distribute media about the Museumís collection, exhibitions, and conservation activities
  • To provide Museum-produced resources and information about initiatives and projects directly to a virtual audience worldwide
  • To increase access to the Museum's rich educational interpretative material by providing entry from a mainstream, popular Web site
  • To deliver content to mobile devices
  • To reach our current audience on a personal platform
  • To deliver content that is not covered on getty.edu
  • To drive traffic to getty.edu
  • To build community
  • To give the Museum a fresh tool/maintain currency
  • To target new audiences, such as youth/digital natives



Getty Museum Twitter Evaluation, 2009