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About this evaluation:

A study of the GettyGuide™ audio player at the Getty Center was conducted February through March 2007. The key objectives of this study were to gauge awareness of the audio player and to assess the effectiveness of different promotional efforts. In order to gather data, two surveys were conducted: a survey of a cross-section of all Getty Center visitors and a survey of audio player users. All visitors were asked if they used the player, and if not, why? Those visitors who did use the players were asked detailed questions about the content and our promotional efforts. In all, over 1,200 Getty Center visitors were surveyed. Key objectives discussed in this survey assessment were:

  • Satisfaction
  • Awareness
  • Content Interests
  • Usage Patterns
  • Choice of Audio Player
  • Demographic Data
  • Fair Price for the Audio Player
  • Content
  • User Preference
  • Distribution
  • Whether Users Would Rent Again
  • Problems with the Audio Players
  • Accessing Audio Content in Another Way
  • Improving the Experience with the Audio Player



GettyGuide™ Audio Player Survey, 2007