The Getty Villa

You won't need a passport to travel back in time at the Roman Holidays celebration this summer. Discover the sights (and smells!) of ancient Rome, offer your prayers to Venus, read your future in a sheep's liver, and enjoy live musical and comedy performances by the historically hysterical Troubadour Theater Company.

Date: Saturdays and Sundays, through September 3
Time: 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
Location: The Getty Villa
Admission: Free; Advance Villa entry ticket required

Troubadour Theater Company

In the opulent outdoor setting of the Getty Villa, guests will enjoy games, high jinx, and comedic performances by the Troubadour Theater Company, engage with the actors, and participate in unique photo ops.

At 11:15 a.m. and 2:15 p.m., visitors are invited to the Inner Peristyle for "Mercury in Uranus," where the troupe will enact a comical sheep sacrifice to Mercury and examine the sheep's liver to interpret the will of the god (haruspicy).

Troubadour Theater Company is a free-wheeling, no-holds-barred, Commedia Del Arte-flavored, slapstick-driven, Los Angeles-based ensemble of actors, musicians, and comedians that has been performing for audiences throughout Southern California and beyond since 1995. Their fast-paced, laugh-filled, loose adaptations of classic plays, literature, and film (some of the lines are still there), as well as their original productions and sketch material, make watching this company a unique and exciting experience for theater-goers of any age.

Smelling the Roman Way

Making Scents of the Ancient World: Perfume Workshop

Perfume was everywhere in the ancient world, from scented oils used to perfume the body to incense burned in homes and temples.

In this free, drop-in workshop, visitors build custom perfumes, choosing base, middle, and top notes, sniffing each one along the way. Explore the spices and oils that the ancient Romans encountered, and learn how these materials, some of which we have in our kitchens today, were alluring and exotic to the ancients.

Roman Aromas

What did ancient Rome smell like? Visitors are invited to use their noses (and imaginations) to discover the good, bad, and sweaty scents of daily life. Take a scent challenge! Be transported back in time and guess the smells familiar to most Romans, from ancient laundering liquid to Roman cooking ingredients, and more.

This project is a collaboration between the Getty Museum, the Institute for Art and Olfaction, and ceramicist Wayne Perry.

Prayers to Venus

At this small shrine of Venus (also known as Aphrodite), visitors may honor the goddess and seek her help for important moments in their lives, as Greeks and Romans did.

Venus's influence extended far beyond love and passion. As Caesar's ancestor, she protected the Roman people, ensuring victory, maintaining peace, and encouraging social and political harmony. In the natural realms, Venus promoted fertility and abundance on land and safe travel by sea.

We invite supplicants to write a prayer or wish to the goddess and post it near her statue.

How to Get Here
The Getty Villa is located at 17985 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California, approximately 25 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. See Hours, Directions, Parking for directions and parking information.