What are Keeping It Modern grants?

Keeping It Modern grants are offered annually through an open competition. The initiative supports projects that advance the long-term preservation, protection, and maintenance of outstanding 20th-century buildings. Buildings that are privately owned are not eligible. Common maintenance issues, such as roof repairs, repainting, drainage, or mechanical upgrades, fall outside the scope of Keeping It Modern.

What types of projects get support?

Keeping It Modern supports:

• comprehensive conservation assessments;
• research and conservation planning;
• conservation management planning;
• in select cases, implementation for highly significant modern buildings.

Grant projects typically have the potential to advance best practice in the field of modern architecture conservation. For a summary of projects awarded over the past three years visit: http://www.getty.edu/foundation/initiatives/current/keeping_it_modern.

Who can apply?

The competition is open to any non-profit or charitable organization. There are set eligibility requirements and specific criteria that guide what supported through Keeping It Modern.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligible buildings must be designed or built in the 20th century, be owned by a charitable or non-profit organization, and be accessible to the public. Buildings that are privately owned are NOT eligible for support.

What are the criteria?

Potential projects are evaluated on criteria that include: the prominence of the building's architect, the design quality, the type and use of materials, the level of authenticity, the current state of preservation, current and future use, and the potential to serve as a model for the conservation of other modern buildings.

How do I apply for a Keeping It Modern grant?

Read the information on the website carefully. As a first step, a letter of inquiry may be submitted at any time before the deadline (Monday, December 9, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time). We encourage prospective applicants to submit inquiry letters well before the deadline.

What is a Letter of Inquiry?

A Letter of Inquiry is a two-page overview explaining the significance of the building and of the architect, the project for which funding is requested, and the anticipated amount of the grant request. Letters of Inquiry can be emailed to keepingitmodern@getty.edu at any time.

In what language should I write my Letter of Inquiry?

Letters of Inquiry should be submitted in English.

What happens after I submit my inquiry?

Letters of Inquiry are reviewed for eligibility and for the project's potential to advance the field of modern architecture conservation. Strong projects will be invited to prepare a full application, which will be entered into the international competition. If a project is invited to submit a full proposal, Foundation staff will give the applicant access to an online platform and provide further instructions.

If a project does not meet the eligibility requirements or criteria, it will not be invited to join the competition.

How long does the review process take?

If a project is not invited to join the competition, you will be notified within two weeks.

If your project is invited to join the competition, then the deadline for submitting a full application is March 2, 2020. Due to the number of applications we receive, and the nature of our internal and external review processes, it takes about three to four months to conclude the competition.

Top: Oscar Niemeyer's Museum of Lebanon, Rashid Karami International Fairground, Tripoli. Photo © UNESCO Beirut Office