Vanitas Still Life / Claesz. Still Life / Chardin Still Life / Cézanne

Grades: High School (9–12)
Time Required: Four lessons requiring 1–3 class periods each
Subject: Visual Arts
Prerequisites: This curriculum is intended for use by teachers who are proficient in teaching studio painting, and for students of all skill levels.

In this curriculum, students will examine the genre of still-life painting by studying works of European artists and creating their own examples of still-life painting in a variety of mediums. The lessons focus both on an artist's arrangement and choice of objects that symbolize abstract ideas, as well as on his or her direct observation of nature.

Objectives in each of the four lessons build on skills learned in previous lessons. Therefore, lessons should be taught in sequence. Common Core, California state, and national education standards for the visual arts are indicated for each lesson. Extended learning opportunities for a variety of learning styles are also included.


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