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Key Resources
List of policy documents, online resources, books, journals, and proceedings related to heritage inventories. From Vol.28.2, Fall 2013.
Integrating Data for Conservation Science
A project to develop data integration tools to facilitate extraction and sharing of conservation-related information.
Facing Disaster: The Importance of Heritage Inventories in ...
Article discussing importance of heritage inventories in emergency preparation and response. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013
Recording, Documentation, Info. Mgmt. Initiative (RecorDIM) ...
Overview and details of a GCI project to identify and bridge the gaps between providers of recording and documentation tools and their users.
ARIS (20052009)
Overview and details of the Getty Conservation Institute and ICCROM sponsored advanced course in architectural conservation, ARIS.
Newsletter 28.2 Fall 2013
Table of contents for Conservation Perspectives: The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, Heritage Inventories issue.
RECORDIM: Guiding Principles & Illustrated Examples
Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places: Guiding Principles (one PDF file) & Illustrated Examples (seven PDF files).
Hominid Trackway at Laetoli (19921998)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project for the reburial and conservation of hominid footprints in Laetoli, Tanzania.
Quito (19911997)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project that helped to preserve the historic colonial city center of Quito, Ecuador.
Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) - Jordan ...
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute project to develop a GIS for the Department of Antiquities in Jordan.
Landmarks of a New Generation: User's Manual
Companion volume to Landmarks of a New Generation books detailing how to develop a Landmarks project.
Newsletter 20.3 Fall 2005
Newsletter roundtable discussion about heritage documentation.
"Heritage Inventories" issue. Fall 2013 (PDF Edition)
Entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 28 no.2
Newsletter 20.3 Fall 2005
Newsletter feature article on heritage documentation.
Newsletter 11.2 Summer 1996
Newsletter conversation with Peter Dorman, field director of the Epigraphic Survey, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.
Taking Stock (Discussion)
A discussion among experts in the field on heritage inventories and decision making. From Vol. 28.2, Fall 2013.
Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Project
Research and implementation of a comprehensive citywide survey in partnership with City of Los Angeles
Newsletter 20.3 Fall 2005 (Conservation at the Getty)
Newsletter article on managing information for a wall paintings conservation project.
Iraq Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative (2004-2011)
Overview and details of a GCI project to repair Iraqi cultural heritage, and rebuild Iraqi conservation and heritage management capacity.
Integrating Imaging and Analytical Technologies for ...
Report from 2013 experts meeting on integrating data from cultural heritage research to facilitate extraction & sharing.
Inventories and Heritage Management: The Australian ...
Examines heritage inventories in Australia. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013
Mural Archive Now Available (News Item)
Ernest A. Long Outdoor Mural Image Archive available through GRI. From Vol. 27.1, Spring 2012.
Changing the Heritage Inventory Paradigm: The Arches Open ...
Feature on Arches, an open source geospatial web application of cultural heritage inventory and management. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013
Arches Project
A collaborative project to develop an open source web- and GIS-based information system to inventory and manage immovable cultural heritage
A Note from the Director (Article)
Foreword from Director Tim Whalen on this issue focused on heritage inventories. From Vol. 28.2, Fall 2013.
Newsletter 21.2 Summer 2006
Newsletter article on the April 2006 meeting on conservation documentation sponsored by the Mellon Foundation.
Newsletter 14.2 Summer 1999
Newsletter article about digital technology and conservation documentation in field campaigns and research.
Newsletter 13.1 Spring 1998
Newsletter article discussing issues associated with the theft and recovery of art and antiquities.
Newsletter 22.2 Spring 2007
Newsletter article on Save Outdoor Sculpture!, a community-based conservation program.
The Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Report
Report from the GCI's L.A. Historic Resource Survey project gives Los Angeles a workable blueprint for conducting a citywide historic resources survey.
Great Sphinx (19901992)
A summary of a Getty Conservation Institute project that carried out an environmental monitoring study of The Great Sphinx, Giza Plateau, Egypt.
Retablo of the Church of Santo Domingo (19972000)
Overview of a past Getty Conservation Institute project on the documentation and structural analysis of the Yanhuitlan altarpiece in Oaxaca, Mexico.
St. Vitus Mosaic in Prague (19922008)
Overview and details of a past GCI project that focuses on the conservation of the Last Judgment mosaic on St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.