Conservation principles & methods
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Evaluation of Cellulose Ethers for Conservation
Describes chemical character of cellulose ethers and establishes approximate ranking of relative stability of each generic chemical subclass.
Recent Advances in Characterizing Asian Lacquer
A series of workshops to disseminate new procedures for acquiring detailed compositional information about lacquered objects.
Assessment of the Susceptibility to Biodeterioration of ...
The present study represents large-scale attempt to screen preservative coatings for microbial susceptibility prior to their application on objects.
Conservation Practices on Archaeological Excavations (News ...
Announcement of publication on principles and methods for conservation on archaeological excavations. From Vol.28.2, Fall 2013
Newsletter 15.1 Spring 2000
Newsletter essay considering the implications of cultural tourism for conservation and site management.
Conference: Mortality Immortality? The Legacy of 20th ...
A summary of a conference sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute devoted to issues regarding the preservation of contemporary art.
Integrating Data for Conservation Science
A project to develop data integration tools to facilitate extraction and sharing of conservation-related information.
Newsletter 15.1 Spring 2000
Newsletter essay considering the implications of conservation for cultural heritage as well as material culture.
Presentation and Interpretation in Cave 85 (News Item)
Raised platform and new lighting enhance visitor experience at Mogao Grottoes cave. From Vol. 27.1, Spring 2012.
Newsletter 14.3 Fall 1999 (Getty Conservation)
Newsletter essay examining the contributions of international conservation organizations.
Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
Features more than 70 infulential texts on the conservation & management of archaeological sites
"Conservation of Public Art" issue. Fall 2012 (PDF Edition)
Entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 27.2.
Southern African Rock Art Project
Overview and details of a GCI project to strengthen rock art preservation, conservation, accessibility, and management in the Southern African region.
Mosaics at Archeological Sites: Training for Site Managers
Series of regional training courses in the conservation and management of archaeological sites.
Conservation and Care of Sculptural Monuments (Article)
Examines conservation issues related to these outdoor works. From Vol. 27.2, Fall 2012.
The Ideal Climate, Risk Management, the ASHRAE Chapter ...
Discussion paper presented at the 2007 Experts' Roundtable on Sustainable Climate Management Strategies sponsored by the GCI.
ARIS (20052009)
Overview and details of the Getty Conservation Institute and ICCROM sponsored advanced course in architectural conservation, ARIS.
UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic ...
Information on the master's degree program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation offered by UCLA and the J. Paul Getty Trust
Visitor Management and Carrying Capacity at World Heritage ...
Extended abstracts of presentations from this 2013 international colloquium at the Mogao Grottoes.
Organic Materials in Wall Paintings (20032010)
Overview and details of a GCI project to improve wall paintings conservation through identification of organic materials used as binders.
Personal Viewpoints: Thoughts about Paintings Conservation
Features papers from a Getty Museum conference exploring the nature of paintings conservation.
Lecture: Ethical Dilemmas in the Conservation of Modern and ...
Details and video of a live panel discussion presented by the Getty Conservation Institute in April 2009.
Summary Report, Project Terra Research Meeting
Project Terra partners to discussed research needs in the field of earthen architecture conservation.
Conserving Concrete Heritage Experts Meeting Report
Summary of a 2014 experts meeting on conservation of historic concrete buildings and structures.
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites with ...
Announcement of
Seismic Retrofitting
News from February 2013 campaign to Peru for GCI's Seismic Retrofitting Project. From Vol. 28.1, Spring 2013.
Newsletter 19.2 Summer 2004
Newsletter feature article on the use of heritage charters and conventions.
The Conservation and Management of the Tomb of ...
Bibliography covers areas related to research needs of the GCI conservation project to conserve and manage Tutankhamen's tomb.
Conference: Ancient and Historic Metals: Conservation and ...
Summary of a symposium that addressed the technology, history, structure, and corrosion of ancient and historic metalwork.
Newsletter 16.2 Summer 2001
Newsletter article discussing the development of a series of case studies exemplifying values-driven site management.
A Guide to the Preventive Conservation of Photograph ...
Synthesizes research completed to date as well as international standards established on conservation of photo collections.