Archaeological site conservation & management
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Conservation of Mosaics in Situ (1998—2009)
Details of a GCI project addressing a number of important issues related to the conservation and management of ancient mosaic pavements in situ.
Newsletter 23.2 Summer 2008
Newsletter article on site management training at Medinet Habu, Egypt.
Conservation Practices on Archaeological Excavations (News ...
Announcement of publication on principles and methods for conservation on archaeological excavations. From Vol.28.2, Fall 2013
Key Resources
List of policy documents, online resources, books, journals, and proceedings related to heritage inventories. From Vol.28.2, Fall 2013.
The Future of Asia's Past: Preservation of the Architectural ...
Summary of an international conference held in Chaing Mai, Thailand, January 1995 on the preservation of the architectural heritage of Asia.
Illustrated Glossary: Mosaics in Situ Project
Aim of this glossary is to establish a common vocabulary for recording of conditions and interventions on in situ floor mosaics.
Archaeological Site Protection and Management
Session Outline: Community in the Planning Process
Between Two Earthquakes: Cultural Property in Seismic ...
This handbook investigates issues related to the management and protection of historic structures, sites, and monuments in seismic zones.
Newsletter 7.2 Summer 1992
Newsletter article describing efforts to preserve the Anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
Presentation and Interpretation in Cave 85 (News Item)
Raised platform and new lighting enhance visitor experience at Mogao Grottoes cave. From Vol. 27.1, Spring 2012.
Hieroglyphic Stairway of Copán, Honduras
Downloadable in seven sections, this final project report establishes proposals for stabilization of the carved surfaces of the stairway and preventive measures and maintenance.
Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
Features more than 70 infulential texts on the conservation & management of archaeological sites
Facing Disaster: The Importance of Heritage Inventories in ...
Article discussing importance of heritage inventories in emergency preparation and response. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013
Southern African Rock Art Project
Overview and details of a GCI project to strengthen rock art preservation, conservation, accessibility, and management in the Southern African region.
Recording, Documentation, Info. Mgmt. Initiative (RecorDIM) ...
Overview and details of a GCI project to identify and bridge the gaps between providers of recording and documentation tools and their users.
Mosaics at Archeological Sites: Training for Site Managers
Series of regional training courses in the conservation and management of archaeological sites.
Newsletter 7.3 Fall 1992
Newsletter feature article examining the international effort to conserve wall paintings in the tomb of Nefertari.
Earthen Architecture Initiative
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute initiative to advance the conservation of earthen architecture worldwide.
Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics
2011 edition of this handbook for technician training. Includes documentation methodologies and lesson summaries. Available in English, French, and Arabic.
Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage: Research Report
Focuses on methods of identifying, articulating, and establishing cultural significance. 3rd in a series from Research on Values of Heritage project.
Visitor Management and Carrying Capacity at World Heritage ...
Extended abstracts of presentations from this 2013 international colloquium at the Mogao Grottoes.
Newsletter 18.1 Spring 2003
Newsletter feature article on integrating conservation and archaeology.
Newsletter 6.1 Fall 1991
Newsletter article examining the environmental monitoring of cultural sites.
Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site: A Case Study
A values-based case study of this historic site in England. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI’s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for the Kasbah of ...
A project of the Earthen Architecture Initiative
Summary Report, Project Terra Research Meeting
Project Terra partners to discussed research needs in the field of earthen architecture conservation.
Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites with ...
Announcement of
Earthen Architecture Conservation
Heritage conservation–related teaching and learning resources for conservation of earthen architecture.
Newsletter 9.1 Spring 1994

Archaeological Sites in the Maya Area: A Conservation ...
Abstracts of presentations and summary of discussions from the XXII Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueologicas in Guatemala City.
Illustrated Glossary: Technician Training for the Maintenance ...
This accompanying glossary to handbook, Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics, provides definitions of terms commonly used. Available in English and French.
Newsletter 7.3 Fall 1992
Newsletter article about conservation plans for the tomb of Tutankhamun.
The Conservation and Management of the Tomb of ...
Bibliography covers areas related to research needs of the GCI conservation project to conserve and manage Tutankhamen's tomb.
Joya de Cerén, El Salvador Management Plan: Executive ...
Presents the most relevant aspects of the Management Plan for the archaeological site of Joya de Ceren, El Salvador
Newsletter 9.1 Spring 1994
Newsletter feature article on the conservation of the Mogao grottoes, the largest collection of Buddhist wall painting in China.
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site: A ...
A values-based case study of this historic site in Canada. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI’s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Newsletter 15.1 Spring 2000
Newsletter essay considering challenges associated with the prevention of looting and theft of cultural property.
Newsletter 21.1 Spring 2006
Newsletter article on the 2005 International Committee for Conservation of Mosaics conference in Tunisia.
Hominid Trackway at Laetoli (1992–1998)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project for the reburial and conservation of hominid footprints in Laetoli, Tanzania.
Newsletter 21.3 Fall 2006
Newsletter roundtable discussion on rock art conservation.
Palace Sculptures of Abomey
Includes details of collaboration between Benin Ministry of Culture & Communications and GCI to conserve the bas-reliefs of Abomey.
Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of ...
Proceedings from the 9th triennial meeting of the International Committee for Conservation of Mosaics in 2005.
Newsletter 7.2 Summer 1992
Newsletter interview with Sharon Sullivan, director of the Australian Heritage Commission.
Conference: Seismic Protection of Historic Buildings and ...
An international colloquium that reviewed seismic stabilization of historic buildings and monuments sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute.
Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) - Jordan ...
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute project to develop a GIS for the Department of Antiquities in Jordan.
MOSAIKON Update (News Item)
Information on recent technician training and model field-project work for this initiative. From Vol. 27.2, Fall 2012
Conservation of Archaeological Sites in the Mediterranean ...
Publication, from a 1995 conference, intended to convey discussions and recommendations that identify principal issues and propose possible resolutions.
Valley of the Queens
A summary of a Getty Conservation Institute project for the conservation and management of the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt.
Terra Consortium: Guidelines for Institutional Collaboration
A document outlining the establishment of Project Terra.
Heritage Values in Site Management
Four case studies examining the creations and management of heritage values.
Newsletter 10.1 Spring 1995
Newsletter article describing field campaigns launched to protect fossil hominid footprints at Laetoli, Tanzania.
Archaeological Site Protection and Management
Technical Note: Community Participation in Heritage Conservation