ICOMOS Charter on Cultural Routes (2008)


The Charter on Cultural Routes illustrates the progression of ideas relating to cultural properties and the increasing significance of values related to their setting and territorial scale, and reveals the macrostructure of heritage. The charter discusses the interactive, dynamic, and evolving processes of intercultural connections that convey the rich diversity of contributions by world peoples to cultural heritage.

Objectives of the charter include:

  • To establish basic principles and methods of research specific to Cultural Routes as they relate to previously established categories of cultural heritage assets.
  • To propose essential procedures for the development of knowledge about the evaluation, protection, preservation, management and conservation of Cultural Routes.
  • To define necessary guidelines, principles, and criteria for correct use of Cultural Routes as resources for sustainable social and economic development, while simultaneously respecting their authenticity and integrity, appropriate preservation, and historical significance.
  • To determine the bases for national and international cooperation essential for research, conservation, and development projects related to Cultural Routes.

Last updated: August 2009